Guns Akimbo in the cinema: he has a gun

The first commandment for a caught criminal, in dealing with the police is: be sure to drop the gun. "Drop your gun!" As you have seen in a movie countless ti

Guns Akimbo in the cinema: he has a gun

The first commandment for a caught criminal, in dealing with the police is: be sure to drop the gun. "Drop your gun!" As you have seen in a movie countless times, and heard, and a young man named Miles Lee Harris would make this call, follow-up. The trouble is: He can't. The two iron guns, with which he flails around, are in fact screwed with his hands.

It looks almost like the nails in the martyred Jesus, only that in the case of Miles that the hands are not connected with a cross, but with two heavy weapons. He should not be forced in this way to participate in a brutal game, for he is entirely of the appropriate type: a Gladiator fight to the death, transferred to the Expanses of the Internet. A Shooter Game with real-world participants. At least as real as you can be in a movie like "Guns Akimbo", is very keen, like a computer to look game. As an old-fashioned, but highly accelerated.

the Miles you can imagine in a game both behind the console as well as behind the Scenes. He is a "code monkey", an inconspicuous young man in a company that has a mobile game at the Start. One of those addictive Games, where you crush in candy, because they flit so colorful on the Display. In the evening, Miles sits on the Couch, with a grotesque tiger-paw Slippers on the feet, and roaming around through the net. So, he is confronted with SKIZM, a new mass phenomenon in which people from all over the world, two fighters, cheering, the chase each other to the death. Drones are constantly after them, and when it comes to the Showdown, the fast the power of the digits in the amount. Anyone who has ever streamed a Instagram-Video Live in front of three spectators, would pale in the face of the pursuer of SKIZM envy. But the price is too high, The varnish of civilization is not cleared with the keyboard and the swipe of the thumb, but with automatic weapons and heavy equipment.

In the evil game growing up

The safe distance, the Miles rants about SKIZM, is then bridged quite fast. Because the game comes to him, there is a knock on the door, it sent a couple of emissaries who do not want to let his comments sit. And so Miles, the Nerd whose survival instincts really use, as he is already riveted with the fist-fire weapons, and all of a sudden as the hunted in a world, for which he was created to do. And in two ways.

Because Miles is played by Daniel Radcliffe, and this means that the whole world has to see him growing up to be, because he was Harry Potter in the film adaptations of the novel Saga by J. K. Rowling. If you type his name into a search engine, you can find usually the still very young-looking early thirties with a Beard and bed-hair, Radcliffe has become. The little Boy with the nerd glasses is ancient history, as well as the battles he has beaten in a different virtual universe with wizards, who had from zero one no sinister gleam.

Radcliffe has since made what many a child star felt compelled: He has chosen roles that were clearly directed against the earlier Image. So he played in "Empire," a racist bald head, where there was a back door, because that was a Fake identity in the service of the FBI. In "Guns Akimbo" takes Radcliffe now all the good guys looking for a frame for a couple of barbaric instincts, of course, always in the context of the lack of Follow-up, which is part of the contract in such Games. In the cinema it is Ketchup that is associated with bloody scenes, in Computer everyone knows that an exploding head made of pixels.

A Film flees from itself

Radcliffe is not created yet in a different respect for the world of the "Guns Akimbo". Because the new Zealand Director Jason Lei Howden calls the character of an Era, the Harry Potter, maybe even a kind of reaction formation might have been. The language of Cyberpunk, as the deliberate rejection of the glossy ideals of beauty control Association with a future loss in the characters in all systems. "Guns Akimbo" is track way like a stray bullet from the eighties, as you noticed with wild tätowiertem face and Piercings still not a mass phenomenon were. Nothing that is against player by Miles in SKIZM, now not so much a figure as a kind of walking Graffiti.

Date Of Update: 25 June 2020, 11:19

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