Hyundai i10 at a GLANCE-Test: Now the city is car a cool look

let's be honest: What do you think of messengers, when you hear the name Hyundai i10 – at aunt Doris on the way from village to village, and the pizza? We also

Hyundai i10 at a GLANCE-Test: Now the city is car a cool look

let's be honest: What do you think of messengers, when you hear the name Hyundai i10 – at aunt Doris on the way from village to village, and the pizza? We also. From, over, a thing of the past: The smallest Hyundai wants to finally be a Somebody in front of the Bar, without, therefore, equal to its tradition of customer to scare away. Whether that works?

At the first drive report of the i10 we found: But hi, and how it works! Now the have to compete for the first Test in Switzerland and ends with great praise for the Small, but also a significant But.

Hyundai i10 1.2 MPI machine "Vertex"

1.2-R4-gasoline engine, 84 HP (62 kW) and 118 Nm at 4200 rpm, automatic 5-speed transmission, front-wheel drive.
drive performance 0-100 km/h in 15.8 seconds, top of 171 km/h.
mass length/width/height 3,67/1,68/1,48 m, weight 1081 kg, loading space 252-1050 Liter.
environmental consumption WLTP/Test 6,1/4,8 l/100 km = 138/111 g/km of CO2, energy-A.
prices from 23'590, test car, with the Option of two-color paint 24'240, base model (1.0 MPI, "Pica", 67 HP/5-speed) 12'990 CHF.
Plus Great space, great quality, fine undercarriage, economical engine, with a five year warranty, due to plenty of standard equipment, affordable price.
Minus Lame-switching machine.

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"the Ui that looks so naughty." Such compliments are for i10-driver, but in fact, we hear that multiple times. Yes, pretty is he, this 3,67 meters short city dwarf. Two color paint is good for him, as well as the décor on the dashboard – also because other hinkleben as foil, it is structured in the i10 but real. Blame-free Infotainment, a clear Cockpit, lots of cabinets, processing top.

of Course, the budget cuts required of hard plastic, but the distributed Hyundai smart: It looks cheap and is where you look hardly. For this, there is space. A Lot Of Space. Very much: in the Back we wonder why we find ourselves in, German stainless compact two sizes and price classes feel about that part of cramped.

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Our "Vertex" has everything, so what you want to Load: Keyless, turnbuckles, holder, emergency brake, steering Wheel and seat heating, rear view camera, Park Sensors, cable-free, Live-Navi, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and, and, and. And Vending Machine. We want to shift manually – there, see "he drives", the reasons – we must take the "Amplia": 4000 francs cheaper, only there are some of the Details (such as Keyless) then not even as an Option.

So it's

makes Fun of us, that the chassis can be anything. It is excellently matched and is preferably on the comfort side. With the prima steering of the i10 runs but very happy to fleet curves and through narrow streets. In view of this, we are already looking forward to the 100-HP "N Line" (see below).

The 1.2-Liter four-cylinder gets, of course, no miracle temper, but absolutely sufficient driving performance and with a bit of courage to speed a lot of felt snappier than its paper values suggest. Uphill the 84 HP want to be rotated portrait, and the more the test fuel consumption is at the end of amazing: 4.8 l/100 km, so about a Liter less than according to the standard.

And the big But from the title? Of The Vending Machine. In the case of small Budget cars, vending machines are always a compromise: Converter or double couplers are to expensive, continuous and often audible agony. So manual transmission automated. It turns on fast and prints it. Hyundai switches so gently and slow. In City and level of the work, provided that you can live a hassle-free (more fuel efficient) driving style. On the mountain, the moderately successful, and it was really annoying, the Pause from the first to the second gear, the man starved to death at the Turn "is".

a Pity. It is to be said, but also: if you Want to go faster, you can turn the machine manually, what works significantly more harmonious.

The VIEW-test conclusion

With the exception of the vending machines of the i10 convinced all along the line. You can feel in the fact that this South Korean comes from Europe: He's not going good drink, has an enormous amount of space, looks good and is fair in price because of the high rate includes all of what we pay elsewhere extra.

Hyundai i10 "N-Line" with 100 HP

in the summer, the Hyundai i10 to rolls as "N-Line". As the T-GDi of the one-liter three-cylinder thanks to the Turbo 100 HP (74 kW) and 172 Nm from 1500 rpm so that it goes with just 1.1 tonnes of weight in 10.5 seconds to 100 km/h and a speed of up to 185. The "N Line" carries, in addition to sports decor (including new Front wheel, 16-inch-Alus) interior red decor elements and sport seats. Sounds like a lot of good mood. The price of the Front-wheel drive with five-speed manual: 19'990 CHF.

Updated Date: 12 June 2020, 13:49

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