Intensive care beds to the part just: regret about early Openings in America

The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, would love to turn back the clock. He now regrets that he has allowed the Bars and Restaurants in his state so early in the

Intensive care beds to the part just: regret about early Openings in America

The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, would love to turn back the clock. He now regrets that he has allowed the Bars and Restaurants in his state so early in the Opening. If he could reverse a decision, then this, said the Republicans contrite local television stations. In Texas, America's second-largest Federal state, has not only increased the number of persons who have tested positive for the Coronavirus, strong. In Texas' largest city Houston, the intensive care units fall on the edge of their capacity.

Winand von Petersdorff-Campen

Economics correspondent in Washington.

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Where Texas is no exception in the United States. The number of Corona-Infected rose in the past week, in 26 of the 50 American States. On Friday, the Johns Hopkins University, reported 45,000 new cases, as many as never before in a single day, on Saturday, there were 42.000. Within the past month, the case has risen by in Texas to seventy percent and in Florida by 66 percent. Dramatic increases are also Arizona listed. In Michigan, the block particularly early output and protests against the measures was temporarily in the headlines, it increased the number of cases in June to 75 percent. In the largest Federal state of California, the castle also early on the mobility of its citizens and schools, doubled the number of cases within a week almost. Governor Gavin Newsom ordered in Parts of the state a renewed closure of Bars. Only New York State and some New England States is currently press the number of the Corona infections down.

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the protection requirements is not consistently followed

That will be tested, explains the increases only partly: In the most affected regions, the local authorities register more admissions to hospitals. In America ' s poorest state Mississippi are now announced, the intensive care beds are scarce, the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to regions affected with ventilators to help out. The increasing utilization of the clinics in the focal point regions shows that the Corona pandemic continues to spread, because the safety requirements were not followed consistently, or from the outset were loose. The dramatic development in Texas and Florida, the cases reported on Saturday alone, nearly 10,000 new Corona, refers to governors, the Encouragement of political pressure and President Donald trump's following later than most of the States of the output and the restrictions of business imposed blockades, and this earlier than most of them have lifted.

Now, the u-turn comes In several Federal States which are taken loosely back. Vice-President Mike Pence, who coordinates the Coronavirus measures of the government, said the election campaign events in the southern States, but defended the recent rally of the President Donald Trump in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It confers a consequence of the high value that the America of the freedom of Assembly and expression. The White house tried to comfort the Public by saying that the number of deaths is rising by the Coronavirus is much slower than the number of positive cases. There are a lot more young people would be tested in the first Phase of the pandemic, where the disease often take a milder course.

experts warn against too much optimism

Actually died of the worst days in mid-April, more than 2300 people were there every day on the Virus, in mid-June, around 650. The number has stagnated, however, since on this level. Experts warn against too much optimism: the effects of The premature easing could be seen in a few weeks. This applies to both Trumps rally in Oklahoma, as well as for the "Black Lives Matter"demonstrations that the Nation will keep for weeks in suspense. In addition, some patients who survive the disease will remain permanently damage.

However, it is dropped by the Virus induced excess mortality, which is in America with populations of between 125,000 and 145,000, as well as in some other countries, in mid-June is below zero. One explanation is that the output of the cases 'lock' other death, for example in road traffic or workplace, greatly reduced. However, with the loosening of these Numbers are likely to rise again significantly, in many regions of the transport has reached the pre-crisis level.

On Sunday, the University of Johns Hopkins reported that of the world's most Virus deaths of 500,000 people every Fourth come from the United States. Previously worldwide, the number of confirmed infections for the first time exceeded the mark of ten million. Most of the victims have to complain, therefore, the United States, in the second place, Brazil was 57,000 dead, followed by the UK with nearly 40,000 Victims. The number of victims in the United States is in the world in absolute Numbers, although they at the highest. Relative to the number of inhabitants, the number of the dead is, however, in some European countries higher. In America, approximately 38 people per 100,000 inhabitants died to the data of the Johns Hopkins University, according to. In the UK, this value was rounded at 66, in Italy, at 57 and in Sweden, at 52, in Germany at 11.

Date Of Update: 29 June 2020, 10:20