Luis Carlos Rejón: "I am not critical with the Transition. Who is critical is because it was not there nor played"

For years, Luis Carlos Rejón ceased to be news in the chronicle policy. Abandoned their positions in the United Left and was detained in Zuheros, a village of c

Luis Carlos Rejón:
For years, Luis Carlos Rejón ceased to be news in the chronicle policy. Abandoned their positions in the United Left and was detained in Zuheros, a village of children's story next to Baena, where he was born. There he purchased an old homestead that his first owners had called Minerva. His speech, greco-roman was enough for the old professor of history is to fall in love with this place surrounded by thousands of olive trees, at the foot of the mountains of the Subbética. There are watchtowers where you look at the world. And one suspects that this is one of the best vantage points where you hear and see.-What you hear in this place, in addition to wind and birds?-Little more. Note: It is causing the abandonment of many parts of rural Andalucia. In the last census, in the last five years, the provinces of Jaén and Córdoba have lost population. There is No right to do that! There is a different policy. I'm trying to convince the candidates Ahead of Andalusia, which are my children, so that they promote the union unencumbered of three municipalities: Luque, Zuheros and Doña Mencía, so close to the three. The new municipality could be called Three Castles. That union would bring wealth. In the Statute of Autonomy was not understood the true meaning of the andalusian district. It created associations that made no sense. What will become of towns like Zuheros that has little more than six hundred inhabitants? This beautiful village opposite you not had the skill of knowing how to treat a tourism English high purchasing power who came with the intention to settle here. They tried to sell homes with prices of Fifth Avenue. Who did what he knew how to make was Iznájar which is today a prosperous town and rich. - How is your life in this wilderness?-Wonderful. I have a comfortable house, large and luxurious that has nothing to envy to the chalet, Pablito Churches. I live with more luxury than he. But unlike yours I always did flaunt my luxury. I signed up for live well. I always have had a red playboy. Study and read until three in the morning. I wake up late and breakfast past noon. I don't know what it is to get up early. A friend whom I love very much I nicknamed him the lord of Baena. And it seems to me adjusted. When the workers of the hotel finish lunch and with them and hear what they have to say. Then in the afternoon step study.-What do you study?-I think that I have not studied so much in my life as now. Two topics in particular: How we place to lose the civil war and the Transition. I am not critical with the Transition. Who is the critic is the one who has not been nor lived, nor was the play. The socialists had an exquisite skill in creating this account of the regime of 78, when in reality the true regime started in 82 with Felipe González. All of the vices that today we criticize start from there. I fought many times with Felipe González, and used to tell her: "The worst thing is not that people do not go to libraries. The worst thing is that it is the people do not go to the newspaper archives".-A person red like you...-That secret of his desire to live well and with kidney enough for their tastes. Do you want Me to explain then does that complex with their co-religionists? -When I came to this life, someone I had to ask: Hey, how do you want to live? And I replied: Very well. And I pointed in the box of live very well. This bad conscience will the created first your teammates and then the right. In reality, I wouldn't have never understood. I am the son and grandson of victors who paid a high price relative in the war, six and Thirty, but then not be ashamed of my brethren or to me. In the elections of ' 94, when I was twenty deputies beating Anguita, killing the father, the analysts ensure that I managed to beat in a debate with Amalia Gomez, who was the secretary of State with Manuel Pimentel, when I said that the right didn't bother me, that my parents were right-wing conception, loved the law, the order and the work that they are words that my siblings and I we have taken as mandatory. I have loved the law, the order and the work always. And the left made his big mistake to give away those trenches to the right. - Why not listen to political veterans, those who look gallons in their jackets? Is it true that there is a cemetery for the elephants?-We have become tired. The War question: "do You when he left the bulls? And he said to them, When I left them. I left the policy when it no longer was worth it. It's shocking to Me that excessive reliance on the policy in search for the crumbs that fall from the table of the lord. It is what I have always sought out the socialists: power and jobs. The right does not lie or hides. That is to show that no lie is of the left. -This is Saramago...-it Was a good friend, a person of a honesty, unwavering. I remember the cod stew in lisbon that we are prepared in his house in Lanzarote and it was late that night we go to bed talking about what they are talking about friends. -Within the committee of wise men andalusians what other positions remain vacant?-I would invite Julio Anguita, without a doubt. It could be very critical with him, but not what I will be never because he is my friend and the two have been in the front trenches. Then I realized many things that made bound by the solitude of power. These worries no one will help you. All will try to nail a dagger florentine where it most hurts. Among the socialists rescue Griñán is a good person, though a fool. Believed that he had the strength to clean the PSOE corrupt that he gave Chaves. And in the end the bad guy is escaping and he will have to be the hosts. And rescue them also to Javier Arenas, who has always been my friend. - Who will win the regional elections of 2 December?-The ability of patronage of the PSOE is terrifying. But it will not win an absolute majority. I would like to go Ahead and Andalusia went up, but I've read some statements of Teresa Rodriguez that seem to me to be an error when ensures that you will slow down to the right. That is as much as to say that pactarán with the socialists. In elections no one can say that: In election period it is not spoken. Andalusia needs a clean government, to eradicate, patronage, secular, installed by the socialists and an economic model different. In Andalusia it would be very good for a pass through I don't know where that would put an end to forty years of socialism. Take to Rajoy was a happy decision of public health. To pitch to Susana and her crowds of the Andalusian Parliament is a decision of health robesperiana. - Does the scenario less bad?-The socialists in the minority and the other parties co-ordinated to impose a policy sensible. But beware! There are that prevent the president has the ability to dissolution of Parliament. I wrote a law that I agreed with Sands in which it was stated that the president raises the dissolution, but only the parliament with their votes can approve it or not.-What happens in Catalonia?-Your drift comes from far away. What came announcing from long before the civil war. Those nationalist parties have been a nest of treason permanent, as has been denounced by the great historians. I don't hide that I've been an advocate of the right of self-determination, provided for in the Constitution. Blacksmith of filet Mignon left open that possibility. And that is that there has always been a right list, and cultured, and a right silly and uneducated. Blacksmith Mignon belonged to the first guild. What we are talking about is class struggle. In Catalonia there is a ruling class that is not willing to lose that domain. The greatest damage done to the working class have been made in Catalonia on the part of the pujol, the heads of the government.-But that ruling class he has joined all the company of the extreme left How is it possible that these antagonisms want the same thing?-The history of Spain is full of contradictions of this nature. And that is to join this socialism anarquizante that we are suffering from, a government, anarchic, with a Pablo Iglesias coming and going, able to sell to those who do lack, capable of betraying his father if necessary, and a few members of covenant undesirable. This leads to an absolute lack of direction, a ruin. How we have been able to get to leave our country at the hands of these undesirables is something that I wonder every night.

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