New from Bernhard Schlink: voltage, through Kitsch ruined

here it is necessary To speak of a concept album: So, how about Frank Sinatra "In the Wee Small Hours" of recording on the blue hours of the morning, has Bern

New from Bernhard Schlink: voltage, through Kitsch ruined

here it is necessary To speak of a concept album: So, how about Frank Sinatra "In the Wee Small Hours" of recording on the blue hours of the morning, has Bernhard Schlink written now about "farewell to the colors". The nine pieces on negotiate some of the dramatic farewells, is also of life, and in the Tradition of American show business, one could describe it as a tearjerker, so tears executor,.

Jan Wiele

editor in the features section.

F. A. Z.

Schlink, who was with his novel "The reader", as well as numerous crime novels to the best-selling author with a world-wide success and lives partly in New York, has been copied by the American show business, well actually a lot – and also of the efficiency of American short stories. This author knows on the detective trained as a sprinkling of early Information, the reader of riddles, and thus eager to follow is: Had the older Professor who used to be one on the street stabbing a young woman in a strange relationship, a motive for Murder? What a Pair of meets as in "anniversary" in a Restaurant, inspired by Raymond Chandler? What is it that the woman and the man are reunited late in life, at a concert in the Philharmonie, in her youth, has not come together and be happy is?

In the story "siblings music", designs Bernhard Schlink very a constellation to an inquisitive student from a poor background, a child from a good home and their paralyzed sitting in a wheelchair and sent brother that spend in front of the Abitur a wonderful year in the youth a lack of clarity of the relationships. It however ends abruptly and without saying goodbye. During non-reunion hoped for after decades of pent-up grief at all is as big as the mystery of why it was so. As the ability to sit two lovers finally alone at night on a terrace and says to him: "Stay the night" combines crime-solving with a love voltage.

"Even naked she was a beauty"

But so good, Schlink, can such a build, so reliable, he ruined you: "Even naked, she was still a beauty, and for a Moment Philip went through the head, whether the Breasts were real and if what she said was real, whether you played a game with him." From Schlinks overall, a simple, easy-to-access Tell approaches überroman-to-value stand out, which seem to be from the nineteenth century, and thus extraneous in the modern context. And, sometimes, sets of pure Kitsch: "as Anna was older and bigger, not Verl Osh your light." Here is, after all, given This is an elderly Professor, whose speech will be characterized in a way and view of the world, perhaps revealing says – he looks at it, but in this Anna only "blonde Curls, red cheeks, lust for Life and curiosity," and sniffs out later on, "the incomparable, irreplaceable girl, scent of child and woman and fresh fruits, the promise brings to the mind".

But the narrative characters of other stories from the Band are prone to Kitsch. In "summer on the island" greets the ferry-captain "Moin Moin", is about the sand castles in doctor games and are written after the farewell letters, "full of love and pain". And in the opening story, "Artificial intelligence", in which a mathematician, his friend and colleagues to the Stasi betrayed him and now his surviving daughter, has to justify, to disturb the Places where the GDR's "sweet little red riding hood-champagne", "thoughtful colleagues from the factory" and "women with toupierter blond Hair" purrs along. The narrator then speaks of a "subdued life in the GDR, in the non-gloss and money, but family, friends, the apartment and the dacha, is a bold book, or an oblique Film, the evening in the Theater or the concert included". That is, even if you set it for out of character speech, thought, not flattering.

not supposed To be, Yes, possibly. But nevertheless, you wish to, it would be something to look closer and been told, especially the story of the self-righteous man, the have been the daughter of his dead friend, a "desire for the Victim-shall Be", and in turn exciting, in principle, is managed and its kind of farewell at the end of surprised.

Date Of Update: 07 August 2020, 12:20

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