New report: wealth: want to create Rich, sustainable

Who counts to the Rich, you must have a for the investment of available assets of at least $ 1 Million. This is the bar for the prosperity report by the IT cons

New report: wealth: want to create Rich, sustainable

Who counts to the Rich, you must have a for the investment of available assets of at least $ 1 Million. This is the bar for the prosperity report by the IT consulting company Cap Gemini. This sum must be for investment decisions and should not slumber in self-used real estate, collections, or consumer goods like cars. The number of millionaires has risen to the current Cap-Gemini study last year by nearly 9 percent, to 19.6 million. Their assets increased in the past year to nearly 9 percent to 74 trillion dollars. For the first time since the year 2012 the growth was in North America and Europe is higher than in Asia.

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How much is from the Corona Crash and the subsequent recovery is still left, can only be estimated. According to Figures from the world Federation of exchanges, the World Federation of Exchanges, in February and March, as the pandemic raged in the financial markets, 18 trillion dollars in wealth disappeared. Already in April the recovery in the stock markets, so that Cap Gemini estimates that by the end of April, the decline in the assets at 6 to 8 percent. In may and June it came to price increases, so that some of the lost ground is likely to have been made up.

The millionaires are increasingly concerned with the topics of environment, social development and good corporate governance. These sustainable investments, to the financial markets, the acronym ESG according to the English concepts of "Environment, Social, Governance" through. Especially the very Wealthy with assets of more than $ 30 million show a keen interest in the subject. Here, 40 percent are willing to sustainably create, while the proportion in the Cap Gemini survey, a total of only 27 per cent. However, a high momentum is: Because 41 percent of the Rich want to record until the end of 2020, ESG investments into their portfolio, until the end of 2021 and 46 percent. According to Cap Gemini rising interest offers asset managers new opportunities. These seem to have recognized you, because 80 percent offer ESG products.

The main reasons for the interest in sustainable investments, not only in a good Conscience, but also to the higher returns at lower risks. A higher rate of return from ESG investments expected 39 percent, while a third of the Wealthy regarded these products as a solid and less speculative. A quarter expressed the desire to want to give something back to society. The interest in sustainability will the greater, the younger the well-to-do as investors, is a further insight of the Cap Gemini survey. Moreover, the readiness to invest long-term in Asia and South America the highest.

According to the Cap Gemini-consultant and moved by the pandemic, the priorities for Investment. Sustainable investments, environmental and social priorities would have won after the pandemic are important. According to the words of Klaus-Georg Meyer, cared for Cap Gemini in Germany, a financial services provider, the well-to-do to become the customers regarding the fees charged by asset managers for their services, of critical. A third felt so in the past year, uncomfortable.

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For too little transparent, you keep 47 percent. A lower orientation in the Performance to complain about 41 percent. In turn, 35 percent want a stronger coupling of the fees in mind. More than one in five from the group of wealthy investors are considering in the next twelve months, to change the asset Manager. High fees are for 42 percent of the change in the main willing to reason. In the meantime, the large technology and Internet companies in this group of investors, to acceptance, which is expected especially around the topic of information more.

Date Of Update: 09 July 2020, 03:19

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