Rising Gold and iron Ore prices In Perth to pop the Cork

In Australia's mining capital of Perth, pop the corks in these days, the Champagne. The wealth here is rooted in the ground – and nearly every one of the multi

Rising Gold and iron Ore prices In Perth to pop the Cork

In Australia's mining capital of Perth, pop the corks in these days, the Champagne. The wealth here is rooted in the ground – and nearly every one of the multi-millionaires in the West, of the Fifth continent happen holds a participation in one or other of the gold. And the price of gold climbs from day to day; since the beginning of the year, the increase was 35 percent. To cost start of the week, the fine ounce for the first time more than 2000 dollars. With the price of gold, the profits of the gold rise of the mines and the dividends of the listed companies. This acts as a Cream on the basis of investments: The plug in Erzwerten, the rise, since China Corona defeated seems.

Christoph Hein

Economics correspondent for South Asia/Pacific, based in Singapore.

F. A. Z.

The record prices of Gold are driven by economic uncertainties, the falling external value of the dollar, negative interest rates and geopolitical tensions. The Erzpreis to, mainly because Beijing is pumping in enormous sums in the Expansion of the infrastructure, in order to keep the vast Empire of steam. Just Jean-Sebastien Jacques, the controversial Chairman of the iron ore group Rio Tinto's engines, once the courses, He said, China's experience after the pandemic, a "very steep V-shaped recovery". And continued: "If I'd asked for this year, according to a forecast, it would be 2 to 3 percent. 2021 but we could see a growth in the economic performance of 7 to 8 percent.“

'd Keep Jacques law, this meant a further record sales for ore, and blast furnace coal. And thus a never-ending flow of wool to revenue for the Erzriesen. The price per ton of ore commutes to the North of 110 dollars. To promote the industry need but for only 14 dollars.

"If your bet is a company"

The double Rally of the prices for the two favorite minerals, the Australian compensates for the increasing misery at the other end of the economy for some: The real estate prices in the metropolises of the East coast drag in the best case, then, in Sydney and Melbourne the number of auction houses offered is at a record high. Blessed is the one who keeps in this position, at least a share of the mines in the Depot. So how Tolga Kumova, in the "speculative Investor" in mining shares, at a young age to more than 100 million Australian dollars (60,75 million euros) possession – had saved after he had first brought a quarter of a million on the stock exchange by his parents in your life.

As the share of Bellevue Gold, to the Kumova is involved now in a-month period, from 28.5 cents per share to 1.25 Australian Dollar rose tweeted the speculator: "I just hope that everyone will be in his life as an Investor in such a Moment the privilege – if your bet is a real company." The gold boom had Kumovas plant of 1.5 million Australian dollars to 45 million swell.

180 million dollars in profit since March

Some of the shares of the mining companies are at the 4. September, at the re-evaluation of the Australian indices to rise. The investment bankers from Morgan Stanley about predict that the paper of Northern will Star in the S&P/ASX 50 – what that then led to greater purchases, the need to invest along the Index. As the NST share price last week reached its all-time high of 16.77 Australian Dollar Bill Beamant, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, to 100 million Australian dollars richer – since the middle of March he had earned on the paper in the average month for the month of 11 million Australian dollars. Also Ramelius Resources is expected to climb to a higher level. Ian Gandel, the son of the operator of shopping miles, John Gandel, made with his investment of 100 million Australian dollars in the gold producers Alkane Resources since March of $ 180 million.

Date Of Update: 08 August 2020, 11:20

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