Series wild exchange: The deer of the little man

The deer, the most, largest and most common species, provides hunters, perhaps the biggest challenges before the shot. The decision on whether this piece that i

Series wild exchange: The deer of the little man

The deer, the most, largest and most common species, provides hunters, perhaps the biggest challenges before the shot. The decision on whether this piece that is shown there, can be killed – or perhaps even must, requires years of experience. The "Appeal," as the hunters call their medical history and diagnosis, in the case of ROE and DOE is extremely difficult. It comes to age and condition. Shot first the "Attending" as the weaker animals in the hunting language should be. In any case, young strong bucks should stay on the track, you should let the future Population robust and healthy. On many evenings climbing hunters of the high-sit back down, without a shot would be like, even if they had "the sight", i.e. goats, Ricken, Fox and hares on arable or field edge of the saw.

at the end of July, beginning of August, those silent evenings when you don't like the set of binoculars from the Hand, more often than not. In these weeks, the deer mate. The siren call of the goat to imitate them, by blowing on a leaf: a fiepsendes sound that lures the goat sure as hell out of the edges of the forest produce. You "blattet", it sheet is "time". It smells of high-standing grain, to ribwort plantain, meadow caraway, Parsnip, after the prickly Burnet, meadow chervil, dandelion and Hogweed, according to yarrow, meadow goat's beard and lady's mantle – in a word: Paradise. The hunter sitting to deep in the summer night, until you can no longer see despite the moon and stars your dog down at the foot of the six-Meter-high ladder. The trophy is a reminder of those hours.

up to 25 kilograms in weight and shoulder-measurement to 60 inches to reach the end, reddish brown in summer, in Winter, grey Capreolus capreolus makes fun, nimble jumps, the kapriziöser, the younger the piece. The face of the beast – narrow or wide, serious or Bambi detention, grumpy with the forehead curl, or smooth-haired – reveals how far it is from its maximum age of ten to fifteen years away. To the rear of the back of the deer increases, the croup is higher than withers, the edgier it is the older deer. It flees while graceful, but not far. Rather, the secret animals are cautious Hider and the rear of the stool. You to rates at the current discussion on the reforestation. The naschhafte deer is decried as a preventer of Forest regeneration, as a climate threat, therefore, of the fir trees, the fresh white - and book abrupft shoots and crippled ,suffering‘ tree babies to stand, from which never more to be something. But seriously: You don't shoot but also because there is a bees die, all of a sudden singing of birds!

A differentiated launch planning is to avoid animal suffering

Sure, in forest areas, you can't make mistakes. Grazing, as they are for the Extraordinary love deer can be created to make them with more than 150 different herbs, treeless and tired of not in addition to afforested areas. On Grazing the Wild at rest, the surfaces are not Firing, the forest rejuvenation or reforestation of areas already. It is important to differentiate the launch planning very detailed. To shoot female pieces, and to take into account, that somewhere a kid is left alone, is animal suffering, and that is a violation of the law. A healthy age pyramid is obtained. If there are too many young animals, there are also too many territorial fights. This Stress has a more browsing of young trees to follow.

A pilot study the result of the working group wildlife biology and game management at the Department for animal nutrition of the Technical University of Munich has ground-breaking new insights. The deer is not a concentrate-Selektierer, so the viewfinder protein - and carbohydrate-rich food? In fact, the content of the investigated rumen of ruminant animals contained unexpectedly high Fiber content. That could mean that you are not allowed to feed deer to protein - and carbohydrate-rich. Otherwise it will cause browsing damage in order to get the necessary fibers.

Date Of Update: 08 August 2020, 16:19

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