Stuart Hall and the racism: No identity is guaranteed

published As Stuart Hall in 1992, his Essay "The West and the Rest", the globalisation, the world is still not be closely. South Africa was a long way off, an

Stuart Hall and the racism: No identity is guaranteed

published As Stuart Hall in 1992, his Essay "The West and the Rest", the globalisation, the world is still not be closely. South Africa was a long way off, and had overcome moreover, the apartheid regime, was on the way to the West. New York had not yet become the terror war, and African-American basketball game, left the hall, when the American national anthem was played, as you have done it just at the opening of the new season of the American professional League. The anthem just of kneeling, would not be sufficient to make it clear that the common racism of American society could not expect, with your consent, was the General Tenor of the basketball players.

With hall's words, you had to do it here with a performative Statement from representatives of the rest of the world in the center of the West, the United States of America. Hall wanted to in his essay about the West and the Rest, the title of which quickly became the Slogan in the post-colonial discourses, but not in the categories of domination and oppression remain. Hall also wanted to show the West that he is doing himself no favors when he buries his own heterogeneity under a simplistic stereotype even if the stereotype is made up of elements for its self-understanding and its hegemony as important as the high degree of Industrialization, the market economy, the secular Laws, and administrative systems and urban culture.

Hall makes the "West" with Columbus begin, and he is from Europe, outgoing, successful appropriation and approximation of the world, which is also a simplification: The different cultures of the rest would be United by the fact that "they are all from the West differently", as the differences would be normalized within the West, the fact that "they're all very different from the Rest". And that is what makes the discourse of the "West and the rest" so destructive – he hit a rough and simplistic distinctions and constructs an absolutely simplified conception of 'difference'. The polarization and division, aimed at simplifications, not disguised just how deeply our histories and cultures have always been intertwined and mutually permeated, they denied also, how absolutely necessary the Other for our own identity consciousness.

First in England to Jamaican

What sounds so abstract, comes from the experience-saturated Thinking of the Colonized, who moved from Jamaica to Oxford, in the discussion of classical English literature to note that because there is a lot of space just had an experience like his own not to become. Wherein the 1932 in Kingston-born and 2014 in London, died on Stuart Hall was the first in England to Jamaican.

Read can be biography the psycho-physical and intellectual development in Halls in its this year, by the Argument publishing house published the car. The book is a very pleasant-to-read summary of Halls and Thinking, as well as his life-long political activities. For Hall, who can be regarded as the wirkmächtigste co-founder of the "Cultural Studies", was not only a tireless academic and non-academic high-school teacher, but also a political activist who was afraid of the British Anti-nuclear movement of the 1950s, up to the smallest Caribbean neighborhood festivals no commitment.

It is splendid, how is this Band not make it, to say to the immense, in order to transport the legendary friendliness Halls in each sentence. This of course has to do with the fact that the book is from years of conversations with hall's friend, Bill, Black-and-drawn-out emerged. Black has brought the manuscripts of the talks, then in a flowing Text, which is discussed in the first part of Halls of youth in Jamaica to the topic, and in the second part of hall's British life in its theoretical and practical aspects.

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