The Spanish hotel, very "concerned" due to the lack of Budgets and the Brexit

"The political situation in Spain, with the outstanding issue of whether or not there Budgets" is a great concern for hoteliers. If we add to that the doubt w

The Spanish hotel, very

"The political situation in Spain, with the outstanding issue of whether or not there Budgets" is a great concern for hoteliers. If we add to that the doubt with the agreements of Brexit and the anticipation of a lower profitability for the hotels by a smaller growth of tourism, it is clear why the sector finding it increasingly difficult to reconcile the dream.

The Confederation of Spanish Hotels and Tourist Apartments (Cepyme) is concerned by both the current scenario without Budget as for new elections. The advancement of these, which door has opened this morning the president Pedro Sanchez, could lead to a "break in the continuity of administrative in the face of large-scale projects and regulations", which is commonly derived in Spain after the government changes, said the organization's president, Juan Molas. "This complicates the business enterprise".

however, for Cepyme is a priority to avoid a campus without general accounts because the allocation for the sector through Tourespaña is "ridiculous". Claim an amount greater.

For example, highlights Molas, with respect to the Imserso, that for every euro that the State provides, retrieves 1,5 euros on the basis of performance, who fails to pay "because the workers are still employees." "This is directly dependent on the PGE, and if there is, we will stay as we are."

Precisely in order to "adjust their budgets" some municipalities or AUTONOMOUS communities, says Cepyme, apply "new rates on overnight stays or for green", as happens in Catalonia and the Balearic islands, a trend that adds to their concerns, because it penalizes the sector.

But especially his concern before the departure of the EU in the Uk is increasing: "we lack information". "We are deeply concerned about the Brexit", especially after the statements of this Tuesday, the minister Josep Borrell on how it will be implemented. Expect some kind of "bilateral agreement for both the airline industry and for hoteliers," said Molas.

The United Kingdom is the main source market of tourists to Spain -about 23% of the total tourists, about 18 million-but above all highlights your repetition rate in our country, with about six trips a half to Spain by british (40%).

in order to alleviate this situation, the hoteliers are calling on the Ministry of Tourism a campaign especially aimed at the british market, in which I made it clear that Spain will continue to recibiéndoles and "treats them as always we we have tried".

Less investment

hoteliers warn, in addition, that provide for "certain negative connotations in their profitability", which can affect employment and investment. Specifically, 38% believe that this will go down as a 40% expected their revenues to be lower this winter and another so much that their costs will increase.

The raising of the minimum wage is one of those costs, which, in the opinion of the Confederation, "to have an impact on the companies with safety; its social costs will increase, without a doubt." And Cepyme doubt that this is going to increase the work, "when the unemployment benefit is almost the same as" that which may be charged in some locations within the sector.

"A-wage country strong is a country that is more balanced," he acknowledged Molas. However, the situation in this regard is sustainable for hoteliers as long as they remain "consideration" on the part of the Government. Has thus referred to the Executive does not delete the training programs.

on the other hand, the loss of profitability, warns the secretary-general of Cepyme, Ramón Estalella, usually have "consequences, that there will be both for employment and for the investment in the sector." Even so, expect that employment will continue to grow in the sector this winter and is above the global environment, to 3.2%.

The winter is going to begin will not be like the of 2016 and 2017, with the loss of profitability and an overview of stability "not very optimistic for the first time in three years." There will be "a certain slowdown in consumption in Spain", as explained by the responsible Tourism PwC, Cayetano Soler, and is reflected in the Observatory of the winter season 2018-2019 of the Hotel Industry Spanish, presented this morning.

According to the criteria of

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Date Of Update: 26 November 2018, 08:01

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