The housing market in the Taunus: homes for millionaires

It is rather a symbolic number, because the actual purchase price depends on many factors. But that is the average of all soil guideline values for residential

The housing market in the Taunus: homes for millionaires

It is rather a symbolic number, because the actual purchase price depends on many factors. But that is the average of all soil guideline values for residential and mixed areas skipped in Oberursel for the first Time the mark of 1000 euros per square meter, is a sign of a long-term development. The guideline values are set every two years, to 2018, the average was 922 Euro. Also according to place of residence were disconnected, no other image is obtained only of the increase was different. In good locations, such as the Meuse reason, on the lines of road, or in the attractive semidetached home near FIS, she was 20 percent at the largest, from 1148 to 1381 Euro. Middle layers were more expensive in order to twelve, easy-to-earnings of 14 percent. 767 Euro are to pay in the funds. More detailed information in section 222 of the zones divided the standard ground value map of the urban area.

Bernhard Biener

correspondent of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung for the high Taunus district.

F. A. Z.

with regard to the real estate market, the money, revenue declined since the peak year of 2017, once again, and was in 2019, in the case of 232 million euros. The number of transactions varies, however, mostly the 550. But there was in 2019, a significant shift, as the Chairman of the Committee of experts, Lothar, Hecker explained. It is much less property had been sold apartments, 278, compared to 348 in the previous year. The sold area of newly built condominiums declined by more than half, from 9700 on 4400 square meters. Although 2018 were come, especially many of the new apartments on the market. But the decline in the following year was not without consequences. "The offer is too little," said Hecker.

Trend for the home office

The prices went up. The average value for the square feet of condo increased after evaluation of the contracts of sale of almost 5200 in the year 2018 to more than 5500 Euro in the previous year. "A 100-square meter apartment at a cost of 550,000 euros, and the Parking space for 30.000 Euro is yet to come," said the expert. At the top there are four condos for more than a Million euros had been sold. Also when re-selling the square meter price of 3300 was increased to about 3500 Euro. Even 50-year-old high-rise apartments achieved this value. This development has of course influence on the Rent. Ten years ago, an apartment in the new building was for rent for 8,50 Euro. Meanwhile, there are more than twelve Euro. "It will be called 16 or 17 Euro," said Hecker.

As the development of the Corona pandemic will be influenced, can not estimate, the Chairman of the Committee of experts yet. After a first review, the number of purchase went in the April and may contracts down by 50 percent. On prices, the crisis had so far no impact. They are increased for condominiums and even a further seven to eight per cent. Rather, Hecker expected the Trend to the home office impact on the market for office real estate.

the pressure for conversion into residential plots

The demand for condominiums has a lot to do with the house prices. "Median income are without a Chance," said mayor Hans-Georg Brum (SPD). Those who bought in 2004, a square meter of residential land, had to pay an average of around 570 euros. 2019 there were 1188 Euro. In the last year closed, by the expert Committee evaluated purchase contracts, the average value for a detached family house with more than one Million euros. The cheapest was sold for 410,000 euros, the most expensive for 2.35 million Euro. "We are simply too high," said Hecker, who spoke of a "bad development". In the case of double house halves the range of 330,000 to € 1.3 million submitted, which resulted in an average of almost 700,000 euros. Remarkably, he found that terraced houses were sold for more than a Million euros. The mean value was 637.000€.

Quite different is the development in the Industry was real estate. Although the table has here in 2019, a jump of the average purchase price of 205 to 293 euros per square meter. This is, however, that only four plots of land changed the owner. The expert Committee is of a moderate price increase. In the long-term comparison of industrial land are still cheaper than 22 years ago. No wonder, then, that the pressure for conversion into residential plots is large, such as the mayor of Brum said.

Date Of Update: 09 July 2020, 19:19

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