Town clerk Peter Henning: The Admiral only wants to play

in his debut Novel "death of a Kingfisher" 1997 butterflies belong to the basic equipment of all of his books. It is not surprising, therefore, that Peter Hen

Town clerk Peter Henning: The Admiral only wants to play

in his debut Novel "death of a Kingfisher" 1997 butterflies belong to the basic equipment of all of his books. It is not surprising, therefore, that Peter Henning, who moved as the first town clerk of Bad Homburg, his Cologne residence for two months in the city on the edge of the Taunus mountains, is accompanied by two greyhounds, but also of a dozen butterfly dolls. Until their release, the stocky dark brown, swarming the historic banker's Villa Wertheimber dolls still in the town clerk's apartment on the window sill. And Henning takes them almost tenderly in the Hand, when he explains why the caterpillar of time, during which the small caterpillars increase their live weight and a seven-hundred-fold, is the most fascinating stage in a Butterfly. Only on the eve of the he has played on a Park bench for an hour with an Admiral. The Butterfly came fluttering by, not only on the a, then on the other Hand of the beholder, and that he had even responded to his words, of which Peter Henning is convinced.

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For more than fifty years, in 1959, observed butterflies in Hanau-born writer and is fascinated by the beauty and Bizarre of your moth becoming so overwhelmed as the first day. Even as a child he traveled with his father through half of Europe on the trail of the Butterfly. The Homburg should not be surprised, therefore, if you encounter any of these days on an elderly gentleman with a gray Beard in a stooped posture in your front yard. He only wants to play with the butterflies. In Cologne it attracts Henning has always been in the summer in the Rhine meadows, to mountains, to the caterpillars of the tagpfauen eye of living dangerously hot, Due and to bring in the cool meadows.

The exciting uncertainty of life

In his books can in many cases be references to the complex metamorphosis from the Egg to the hatched animal. If, for example, the novel "The Fearful" describes of 2009, the Hanauer family made up of loners, the longing for closeness and comfort, you can't give yourself in turn, the family members go through at the end of several molts, and is not unlike the nervous Butterflies by Henning finally in the exciting uncertainty of life released.

To Bad Homburg, but he's not got the butterflies because of. Henning is working on a new novel, which deals with the assassination of the banker Alfred Herrhausen. According to research of the unexplained events from the 30. November 1989 in Bad Homburg Seedammweg the author has already written 160 pages. His new role as city clerk, he takes in Bad Homburg is now, literally, During his stay he has set up a citizens ' consultation.

What is the story with us?

the murder of the speaker of the management Board of Deutsche Bank small town in the Taunus still present and how big is the need for exchange is the self-Gentzcke Bettina, the Director of the Department of culture, surprised. Every day she receives letters from Bad Homburgern wanted to speak with Peter Henning about your memories. That the perpetrators could not be identified, despite a claim of responsibility call the RAF until today, and many inconsistencies have sprung up around the assassination, is certainly a reason for the nagging interest in the city. He did not know more than others, confess also to Henning, but he had looked at a lot of things. He wants to put together a new. That Traudl Herrhausen, the widow of the Murdered man, do not want to talk with him, for this is the author's understanding: "It must be awful to live with this uncertainty. If your husband goes to war and falls, you can set up inside a grave stone. But to not know who killed your own husband, this is like an open window, you don't zubekommt.“

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