A beautiful watch to bite into

A watch is observed, contemplated, admired

A beautiful watch to bite into

A watch is observed, contemplated, admired. Now it can also be eaten. A leading pastry chef, Julien Dugourd, has just concocted a tasty reproduction of an exceptional timepiece, the Bell

After having officiated for a long time in great starred restaurants, Julien Dugourd, 39, regular collaborator of the Monaco princely palace and member of the very closed circle of the Club des Chefs des Chefs, is preparing to open two pastry shops in Nice, in June, then in Paris, in September. © DR

Having studied in starred restaurants run by big names in the culinary arts such as Marc Veyrat, Jean-Georges Klein or Alain Ducasse, Julien Dugourd discovered Bell

bell watch

We shouldn't be surprised to see Julien Dugourd, renowned for his creativity and the attention he pays to the visual aspect of his pastries, succumbing to the charm of timepieces as spectacular as the Cyber ​​Skull, of which he owns two versions. As its name suggests, the BR 01 Cyber ​​Skull Bronze, produced in a limited edition of 500, has a faceted case cut in this alloy from the ages, perfectly enhanced by its large dimensions (45 mm x 46, 7mm). At the heart of the watch beats a hand-wound mechanical movement described as "very special" by its designers. The carefully decorated BR-CAL.210 caliber indeed offers an animation worthy of an automaton: acting on the crown triggers the movement of the lower part of the jaw. As if the skull was about to bite into the cake prepared by Julien Dugourd which faithfully reproduces the lines of the watch.

After having created in 2021 a small cake called Vanilla Diorama inspired by the Christian Dior spirit, Julien Dugourd is investing this time in the watchmaking universe with a chocolate and caramel interpretation of the Bell watch.

If one suspects that the manufacture of a timepiece as disruptive as the BR 01 Cyber ​​Skull Bronze is particularly complex, the design of the cake inspired by it also presents a number of difficulties. Julien Dugourd speaks of multi-layered construction, "like a sandwich-type watch case". The base consists of a Caribbean crisp on which is affixed a chocolate biscuit covered with caramel, both surrounded by a chocolate mousse. The whole is covered with a flocking of cocoa butter naturally colored to give the effect of bronze. "A small chocolate wafer, sprinkled with gold, reproduces the emblem of the skull placed on two shins", underlines the pastry chef. Bell's side

For pastry chef Julien Dugourd, beyond the flavors, the combination of chocolate and caramel allows for interesting games of textures evocative of different types of watchmaking finishes.

© Claude Weber

This combination of chocolate and caramel, surprisingly light in sugar, allows, according to Julien Dugourd, to indulge in interesting games of textures, evocative of different types of watchmaking finishes, and flavors. “The power of chocolate brings length in the mouth when tasting. As a counterpoint, the caramel offers roundness and softness,” he says. To check it, all you have to do is go to the pastry shop that it will open in mid-June in Nice, 4 rue Catherine Segurane, just next to Place Garibaldi. And soon in Paris, in the 18th arrondissement, rue Marcadet. To better savor the passing of time.