Accepting drug work: in the frenzy of the night

Where the bass Wummert, drugs are often taken. In Berlin is therefore the Partyteam of fixed spot on site. The goal: accepting drug work and helping with crashes.

Accepting drug work: in the frenzy of the night
From series: Global Drug Survey accepting drug work: in intoxication of night where bass wummert, drugs are often taken. In Berlin is refore Partyteam of fixed spot on site. The goal: accepting drug work and helping with crashes. by Maike Brülls June 9th, 2018, 21:01 Uhr39 comments Drugs are always risky, wher in clubs or elsewhere. However, damage can be reduced through enlightenment. © Bilgesu Korkmaz/EyeEm. com content
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    This article is part of series Global Drug Survey in time online about drugs reported in everyday life. For this purpose we have published exclusive results of world's largest drug survey of same name.

    The door hardly opens, threshes visitors to bass. 180 beats per minute, three per second. Sounds of a synsizer wind around a verzerrteComputerstimme that says hardly understandable, such as "mescaline, acid, acid, acid, mescaline". The room is wrapped in fluorescent neon-coloured cloths. Music, decoration and people: in this club of Berlin's Friedrichshain area, everything is Psytrance around clock.

    Here comes who wants to surrender to so-called loud music in order to celebrate pause of everyday life. Here, human bodies enter into a symbiosis with rhythm and melody, hourly or even for days. Some visitors are of lasting nature – ors have helped with chemicals, have taken drugs to persevere. They're high.

    The reasons for ir drug use are different, social educator and Traumaberaterin Anette Hofmann know. It belongs to Partyteam of fixed-point, a club Fürakzeptierende and non-judgmental drug aid and health promotion Inberlin. Fixed point offers various low-threshold offers fürDrogenkonsumenten and consumers, for example, educational work in club. This is why Hofmann and her employees will be in Friedrichshain for four hours.

    Drug use is never 100% safe

    "People take drugs to relax to have fun. Out of experimentation, "says Hofmann across music," but also to displace things. Not to feel feelings. To simply malabzuschalten after whole work-must be in everyday life. " Even if it is not an addiction that causes people to take drugs: consumption is risky. Because vonEcstasy body overheats and collapses or is able to derPuls and n expose from speed. Or because users sometimes not only Kokainauf nasal mucous membranes, but also hepatitis viruses.

    This interactive presentation cannot be displayed with your browser. Read overview of drugs in check – a glossary in an optimized version.

    To avoid se unwanted side effects, Partyteam around Anette Hofmann is here this evening. There have been fixed fixings for seven years. The members change over and over again, mostly seven people. Einespezielle education you don't need, but empathy and love for scene. They organize info stands at parties undFestivals, provide education and training zurisikoarmem consumption.

    Low risk does not mean riskless; 100 percent sure istDrogenkonsum never. The body is harmed by poisoning, wher short or long term. But re are opportunities to curb this damage and minimize side dangers, says Hofmann: "Everyone should use his own tube when drugs are pulled into nose, people should drink a lot of water." It also recommends that fruit be on site so that revelers have a basis, "or impor-grape sugar dabeihat".

    Date Of Update: 10 June 2018, 12:02

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