Age poverty: Almost every second old-age pension is less than 800 euro

Millions of pensioners receive a very low pension, from a government response. However, the income situation was better than the figures suggested.

Age poverty: Almost every second old-age pension is less than 800 euro

At end of 2016, about 8.6 million pensioners received an old-age pension of less than 800 euros per month. This corresponds to a share of 48 percent of all pensioners, which emerges from government response to a parliamentary inquiry by left-social expert Sabine Zimmermann. 62 percent of pensions are refore below 1,000 euros. Of pensions below 800 euros, 27 per cent of men and 64% of women are affected. According to report, figures refer to pensions after social security contributions before deducting taxes. Data for past year were not yet available.

In report, Ministry attaches importance to finding that pension level, in itself, only has a limited indication of income situation in old age. The reason is that furr incomes would not be taken into account, such as or members of household.

There were relatively high shares of so-called Kleinstrenten due to short contribution times, it was said in government response. In se cases, this pension only plays a minor role in retirement protection, because or age incomes are available. "Accordingly, pension level alone provides only a limited indication of income situation in old age," it says in government response. This is about people who were mainly employed as civil servants or self-employed persons and who were only short-term due to or employment in statutory pension insurance.

The left-winger Zimmermann said that figures would show that already today a large proportion of pensioners receive legal pensions below poverty risk threshold and even below basic security threshold. That would be case even if one Kleinstrenten for short insurance periods. "With a view to future, se values are worrying," explained Linkenpolitikerin.

"Under basic hedging threshold of 814 Euro"

Left-boss Bernd Riexinger described government's reference to additional revenue as "cynicism." The legal pension must protect against poverty and secure standard of living, he said. "It is scandalous when people in old age have to work with hamburger chains or have to unsubscribe newspapers, because pension is not enough in back and front."

"We have to do everything to make work worthwhile. So that at end re are more than 800 euros, "said deputy SPD Bundestag group chairman Katja Mast. These included projects such as bridge part-time, higher tariff retention and measures to reconcile family and work. There is a great deal to be done with Union, but not much, such as abolition of unjustified time limits.

The President of Social Association VdK Deutschland, Verena Bailey, also expressed concern. The figures are an indication that "for many people, age poverty today is everyday". "8.6 million people must get a pension that is below basic hedging threshold of 814 euros."

Confidence in statutory pension insurance had to be strengned again, demanded Bailey. "It is important that pension level is raised to 50 per cent and that pensions are again followed without sacrificing wages. If not, fewer people will reach a adequate age security after decades of work. "

The parliamentary question of left is shortly before presentation of pension concept of federal Government of Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) on Friday. The grand coalition had agreed on improvements in maternal and disability pensions. A "Double holding line" is also planned: current pension level should be maintained from 48% to 2025 and contribution rate will not rise above 20 per cent.

Date Of Update: 13 July 2018, 12:02

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