Agriculture: it's fast about existence

Extreme weather threatens the crops. Have farmers done everything wrong so far? 34; certainly not 34; says Agronomists Horst Gömann. But there is still much to be done.

Agriculture:   it's fast about existence
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    The agronomists Horst Gömann works at DerLandwirtschaftskammer Nordrhein-Westfalen. In November 2017, he was speaker of both Environmental Agency Workshop "dialogue ZurKlimaanpassung: from heavy rain to drought – adaptation strategies for Diedeutsche agriculture". Until 2015 he worked at Johann Heinrich VonThünen-Institut in Braunschweig. There he investigated, among or things, improject "effects of future climate change on yield and quality of food plants".

    Online Time: Agriculture is criticised: Landwirtinnenund farmers should finally adapt ir economies to climate change. Have farmers done everything wrong so far?

    Horst Gömann: Certainly not. One area in which farmers UndLandwirte have done a great deal in recent years is Bodenbearbeitungohne plough. If arable soil is not ploughed before sowing, soil structure remains more stable, soil organisms are preserved, ground can absorb and store more water and it is better against Erosiongeschützt. The farmer also saves diesel because he is less on field with tractor. This is also good for climate protection.

    Online Time: But are no more herbicides needed again without a plough?

    Gömann: Yes, you always have to find a compromise. You may need more herbicides. Alternatively, Unkrautbekämpfungmit would have to be done mechanically in a higher effort, for example by ZusätzlicheArbeitsgänge with disc harrows, chopping or curry. However, Auchnicht always leads to a satisfactory result.

    Online Time: What else can farmers do?

    Last year it was too wet, this year it's too dry. It is extremely difficult to adjust to Horst Gömann, agronomists

    Gömann: The A and O is ground, you have to keep it in order. By allowing farmers to work with straw and between fruits and fertilize m organically with manure or manure, humus can be built up. This makes structure of Bodensverbessert and, for example, it is able to absorb water faster after heavy rainfall. The humus structure can last ten years or more. The high rent share is a hurdle here: on average, farmers and Landwirteetwa have only rented 60 percent of ir land. So you cannot be sure wher you are still farming country in five or ten years. Mansich must think twice about investments. Agriculture is a komplexesSystem. Even if certain things are necessary from a climatic point of view, Sieaus economic point of view is not always simply feasible.

    Online Time: What short-term measures are promising?

    Gömann: Last year it was too wet, this year it's too dry. It is extremely difficult to adjust to it. But in future we will have to deal with such stable wear conditions more often. Measures include: more diverse crop sequences, a mix of early and late varieties, or, wiegenannt, to build humus and keep water in soil. Where possible, farmers invest in irrigation systems, but only for ausgewählteKulturen like potatoes. In addition, farmers against airborne can assure some extreme wear events, bislangallerdings against drought.

    Date Of Update: 05 August 2018, 12:00

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