Allergy: Can I react allergic to sperm?

Sounds bizarre, but is not a myth: there are women where sperm leads to nausea. What can be done about it, we explain in the Sexpodcast-quickie.

Allergy: Can I react allergic to sperm?

Podcast: is normal/allergy: can I react to sperm allergic?


Sexpodcast-Quickies sind kurze Folgen von \u201cIst das normal?\u201d, in denen Melanie B\u00fcttner einzelne H\u00f6rerfragen aufgreift.


Ihr habt eine Frage? Irgendetwas, das ihr schon immer \u00fcber Sex wissen wolltet? Schickt uns eine kurze Sprachnachricht an oder schreibt uns. Alle Folgen und Quellen von \u201cIst das normal?\u201d findet ihr auf

", "title": "Kann ich auf Sperma allergisch reagieren? \u2013 Quickiefolge", "url": "//", "media": {"opus": "", "mp3": "", "aac": "", "vorbis": ""}, "coverUrl": ",siDNjveD7ncuiAnsTgs6NxWotUwGeT9hJjcUeDGkb7D4=/", "number": 40, "chaptermarks": [], "duration": 384, "transcript": null, "embedCode": ""}, "podcast": {"feed": "", "subtitle": "Der Sexpodcast", "language": "de", "title": "Ist das normal?", "url": "//", "connections": {"itunes": "", "spotify": "", "deezer": "//"}, "episodes": "", "embedCode": ""}, "extensions": {"EpisodeInfo": {"disabled": true}, "Playlist": {"disabled": true}, "Share": {"disabled": true}, "ChapterMarks": {"disabled": true}, "Download": {"disabled": true}, "Transcript": {"disabled": true}}, "options": {"me": "zon-minimal", "startPanel": null, "sslProxy": "", "customStyle": null}}; Subscribe to PodcastAll episodes sound bizarre, but it is not a myth: re are women in which sperm leads to nausea within minutes. What can be done about it, we explain in Sexpodcast-quickie. by Melanie Büttner June 18th, 2018, 18:16 clock1 Comment

Rash, burning in vagina, breathlessness: There are women whose body responds strongly to sperm. The sexual rapist and doctor Melanie Büttner explains in this Quickiefolge about sperm allergy, how painful it can be, what to do about it and how it can still be fulfilled.

Sexpodcast-Quickies are short episodes of Is this normal?, in which Melanie Büttner picks up individual listener questions. You can listen to current episode directly at top of this page.

Furr information can be found here:

  • General information about allergic reactions to sperm is provided by International Society for Sexual Medicine on its website.
  • A case report and an overview of previous literature have been delivered by Bassam Nusair and his team (current women's Health review: Seminal fluid Hypersensitivity: A case report and review of literature, 2018).

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