Amazon: we would never sell your data

Smart speakers like Echo from Amazon are considered data kraken. David Limp, who is responsible for the company's hardware, says: Without personalization it is not.

Amazon:   we would never sell your data
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    As senior vice president of Amazon, David Limp is responsible for all of group's hardware products, from smart loudspeaker echo to Kindle e-reader. Time Online has met Amazon manager who studied computer science and mamatics in Munich for an interview.

    Online Time: Mr Limp, you once said that Alexa is like a caring family member for you. How did Amazon Language assistant help you lately?

    David Limp: Alexa solves no problems for me, but it makes my life more comfortable. When cooking I leave on my echo show different clocks run, a pasta timer, a meat timer, a pizza timer. So I always have everything under control. Besides, thanks to Alexa I have opportunity to bring my far, he is over 80, via video telephony directly into My kitchen. So he can see his three grandchildren walking around in kitchen, even though he lives in anor state.

    Online Time: You've also told me in an interview that you use Alexa to wake up your son. Are you still doing this?

    Limp: Oh, yes, and not just that. Meanwhile, we can broadcast family announcements even in whole apartment. "Come down to dinner!" or "Get ready for School Now" – Alexa sends message to all echoes in house. But my children usually answer that y are tired and want to stay in bed (laughs).

    Online Time: Sharing daily life with Alexa has its price. When I use Alexa or Kindle, I grant Amazon insight into my intimate desires and habits. How does group use all this data – about my eating habits, my reading preferences and my musical preference?

    David Limp is responsible for hardware products at Amazon. (copyright) Brian Ach/Getty Images

    Limp: That depends. We would never do anything with data on your eating habits. With music we give you recommendations based on your musical history. But we only do that to make service more appealing to our customers. An example: At home I share a communal device with my three children. If we didn't personalize music, I'd have to listen to Disney soundtracks all time.

    Online Time: Many people are afraid that Alexa will be able to monitor m permanently to learn more about ir preferences. What exactly does Alexa hear when she is not getting any commands?

    Limp: When echo is switched on and connected to Internet, it only listens to one command: The Awakening Word. As long as it does not sound, connection remains local and no conversation is sent over internet to cloud. As soon as Echo hears Awakening word, a very bright blue light starts. Our customers n know that we are now streaming ir conversation into cloud encrypted.

    Date Of Update: 23 June 2018, 12:02

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