Android Pie: Google introduces new Android version

New gesture control, better time management: This promises the new Android version. The smartphone is coming sooner than expected.

Android Pie: Google introduces new Android version

Google introduced new Android version 9.0, which previously ran under name P. Now it is also clear what P stands for: pie, English word for cakes. This is also latest Android version named after a dessert as expected.

The release of Android 9.0 comes as a surprise: Recently it was speculated that Google wanted to introduce new version at end of August 2018. At beginning of July 2018 a third beta-preview was released, which was supposed to follow a final preview before release. It is conceivable that Google wanted to put an end to speculation and thus suddenly presented new version.

Smartphone control with gestures

Android 9.0 includes, among or things, new gesture control, which, apart from Back button, contains only one home button. This allows users to return to home screen as well as redesigned overview of recently used apps.

Also new are so-called "app actions": According to usage behavior and time of day, Android displays different applications. For example, in morning when you are on your way to work, you can automatically open Google Maps route navigation.

The new slices feature is designed to give users faster access to specific app features. For example, if user types name of a driving service in Google search, system presents a price for journey home. The user can select this proposal directly and is directed to respective app.

Self-control thanks to app-timer

Android Pie is also intended to help users with time management and, according to Google's wish, lead to a more conscious use of smartphone. For this, re is new dashboard, which shows in which apps users spend how much time. You can set app timer for individual applications: If usage time has elapsed, app will be grayed out on start screen. These functions, which are currently under digital wellbeing, will only be officially released in autumn, but users can now test m as beta functions.

Android pie is to be distributed as a wireless upgrade for pixel devices. Andy Rubin's essential phone is also supposed to get update already, as manufacturer announced on Twitter. Or devices, for example or participants of beta program of Android Pie, are to be supplied in autumn 2018.

Date Of Update: 08 August 2018, 12:00

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