Apple Watch 4: I'm going 39; s good, please do not dial the emergency call

Heart rate control and Fall detection: The new Apple Watch 4 is also a medical meter. And it becomes familiar, which brings in emergency aid.

Apple Watch 4: I'm going  39; s good, please do not dial the emergency call
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    There are few reasons to entrust something intimate to a cold piece of technology. Perhaps most likely still passwords, because y are stored under proviso that devices keep this kind of information for mselves and only disclose when appropriate password is requested, to open about an email account or a bank account app.

    Except device signaled to one that re is more seinwill than just that, a cold piece of technology. Namely: a friend, EinMitwisser, a partner, as human as possible, albeit not in such way and form after. Although Apple Watch of fourth generation still looks like a design object, it is now clearly supposed to be just such a digitaleVertrauensperson, one with a shiny OLED display surface.

    In fact, in first generations of smart watch, everything was ready for intimacy between man and machine: something that you wear directly on skin as a wristwatch is amHandgelenk in a vulnerable place of human beings per se. And thanks to an optical sensor, VorherigenGenerationen of Apple Watch have also permanently raised a very symbolic reading, pulse of wearer or wearer. But not in sense of functioning of a mere calorie. The pulse should be measured less for self-control Odergar optimization, one should send it above all to someone else, wrapped in a moving heartbeat animation – as proof of confidence, JaLiebesbekundung. Here, baby, I'll send you my heart, and it just beats for you.

    Too fast, too slow, unrhythmical

    The Apple Watch 4 also has all Diebekannten communication features of predecessor models, with which one can contact AlsTrägerin or carriers to or people. But UHRSELBST is mainly looking for connection to its owner, its owner. DIEUHR wants to be a medical meter and a health care professional, secret bearer, because all information collected by clock remains in Ihrverschlossen and supposedly safe from hacks in cloud. Only with EigenenArzt should you be able to voluntarily share your measurement data, which will run into pre-installed Health app on iphone, control center for Allegesundheitsbezogenen data on all Apple smartphones. Apart from step display, distance measurement and stair climb statistics, which app also shows today SchonSmartphonenutzern, re could now also data of Apple Watcheinlaufen.

    The new clock measures heartbeat, PerfekteSymbol for vitality of living things, now thanks to electronic sensors sogenau that it can pronounce warnings as soon as heart rate deviates from angenommenenNorm. Too fast, too slow, unrhythmical, se are new AppleWatch warning signs, which you immediately inform your wearer or your carrier. She writes on her display, which can be seen on Apple website: "Your heart rate increased to more than 120 BPM, although you were apparently inactive in ten Minutenab 09.59 clock."

    Apple-a watch that can save lives new Apple Watch is supposed to put an emergency call on its own in an emergency. The health of customers thus becomes an affordable product feature. A video comment

    "Apparently" is a decisive term, dennauf supposed inactivity of human being closes technical device Jalediglich thanks to exact location data: sensor-based modern technology tries to deduce from measurable real situations, She does not know (yet) what may be wirklichgeschieht or happen even in not so complex processes. The Mangelan imagination, which becomes all more obvious, is recognizable by fact that technology can appear as a medical case, for which it may be more poetic Erklärungengäbe: "Inactive" could be a person who gets a heart-lawn even when sitting, because For example, he reads an exciting book or looks at a spannendenFilm. Maybe you can even have sex and be so wenigbewegen that an Apple Watch keeps one for "inactive" while in meantime you have einendoch right circulation stimulating orgasm.

    Updated Date: 15 September 2018, 12:00

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