Arrest of Rupert Stadler: Bram pod to lead Audi as interim chief

Following the arrest of Audi CEO Rupert Stadler, the group has appointed a provisional chairman of the Management board: the former sales executive should take over.

Arrest of Rupert Stadler: Bram pod to lead Audi as interim chief

At Audi, former Audi sales executive, Bram sheet, is to take over chief post of arrested Rupert Stadler. This was reported by several media, among m Handelsblatt and news agency DPA. The Audi supervisory board must still agree to personalities.

The former Audi chief Stadler was taken into custody in morning. As a reason, Munich public Prosecutor's office called Blackout Danger. It puts him and anor member of Board of Management of VW subsidiary "fraud and indirect misdeeds to load". The two had put diesel cars on market with rigged exhaust gas purification in Europe. Last week it was only discovered that Munich Public Prosecutor's Office also personally determined against Rupert Stadler.

"Mar car industry has finally collapsed"

Green Group Vice President Oliver Krischer sees arrest also as a result of failures in VW Group. "Today mar of car industry has finally collapsed, exhaust scandal is about failures of individual engineers," he said. "Becoming clearer: tricking and cheating is at least tolerated in corporations from very top, if not even arranged. In almost three years since discovery of exhaust gas scandal, neir VW Group nor industry as a whole have managed to draw a clear cut. "

In addition, arrest shows how little scandal and its consequences of VW and or car-makers were obviously taken seriously. "It is good that at least public prosecutors are now trying to prosecute biggest industrial scandal in German postwar history, where federal government has failed miserably."

Diesel scandal-Audi-chief Stadler arrested Munich prosecutor's office has completed a warrant against Rupert Stadler. The Audi manager is accused of fraud with diesel cars. © Photo: Michael Dalder/Reuters

The FDP transport politician Oliver Luksic said that Munich public Prosecutor's Office has task of clarifying allegations of fraud and indirect misdeeds without delay. "The arrest of Audi chief Stadler, which has now been taken, is not a confirmation of accusation of fraud, although it is similar to anor escalation step in diesel affair of VW Group. In principle, however, not only ordinary employees but, above all, top managers of corporations must face a fair, rule-of-law procedure. "

Date Of Update: 19 June 2018, 12:02

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