Artificial Intelligence: I must not now 39; Neuland 39; say

Angela Merkel makes artificial intelligence the chief thing. At an event in Berlin she pleads for ethical rules – and counters a robot.

Artificial Intelligence:   I must not now  39; Neuland  39; say
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    Even when it comes to a future issue such as artificial intelligence, Angela Merkel does not pass current union crisis. The Federal Chancellor Sprichtauf an event called Morals Machines in Berlin about first meeting of her digital cabinet. This is a round of department heads who are responsible for questions on digitisation, and that is: all ministers. We discussed Blockchain and digitisation of working world toger, says chancellor. Until autumn, EineStrategie should also stand for artificial intelligence.

    Know for even one who will implement strategy, asks Miriam Meckel, editor of Economic week UndModeratorin of conversation.

    "I hope," says Merkel. "Why do you ask?"

    Surprisingly, on Wednesday, self-evidentness with which DieBundeskanzlerin talks about her whereabouts in office. Surprisingly istaberauchdie of course, with which she speaks about artificial intelligence. Angela Merkel is still pursuing her famous "The Internet is new for all of us"-Zitatausdem year 2013, even if she has already had expertise at annual digital summits of federal government. The fact that Merkel has also worked into subject of artificial intelligence shows importance she attaches to subject. During one hour of conversation, she is accustomed to questions about data tax, robots ' right and autonomous driving dry, aberfachlich sure answers. Neuland, it seems, that was yesterday.

    Artificial intelligence is chief inside thing

    In coalition agreement, CDU, CSU and SPD have agreed on eineWeiterentwicklung of technology promotion. A focus should refore be on artificial intelligence, it is said to be "mainspring [n]" of digitisation. The Bundesregierungverspricht a promotion of science and construction of a NationalenForschungskonsortiums for artificial intelligence and machine learning. A data ethics committee should also be created within one year.

    Merkelscheint to have made topic of Chief of matter. Most of all, Federal Chancellor has done handling of data: ir processing, use and taxation. The rights to data become a Dergroßen "ownership" of future, says Chancellor in Berlin. It refers to different use of data in Diversitytrade in China: in United States it is more like private companies such as Facebook or Google, Inchina, on or hand, is a "merger" between personal data and of state access. Merkel wants to sensitize Germans to issue. People often don't know remedy everything is going to get out of data, she says. One had to draw attention derMenschen to subject, "Manawarenesssagen would be".

    A tax vonDaten gives m a clear rejection: "I want keineDatensteuer." Erstvor a few weeks Klangdas still different, at that time Merkel said that pricing of data is a central justice problem of future. Of such line she does not depart on Wednesday, she wiederholtihre statement in or words: "How do we give away from Datenbepreisen, that's--I can't say new territory now--Aberda we're still in middle of nowhere. " Only demand for a levy rejects m.

    The robot Sophia in conversation with Chancellor Angela Merkel and Miriam Meckel © Antje Homburger/DPA

    Digitisation does not only raise sober questions about data and taxes, but also on emotional issues such as values of a society. In artificial intelligence, it is not yet answered how a neural network actually decides and wher it does not simply reflect human prejudices. Angela Merkel compares ethical questions about artificial intelligence with denAnfängen of social market economy. At that time, too, values and rules had to be set. Scientists must now renegotiate fürneuronale networks. "The human Würdedarf not be hurt by robots," says DieBundeskanzlerin. Man must keep control of machines.

    Date Of Update: 29 June 2018, 12:02

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