Association cockpit: German Ryanair pilots want to strike again

The cockpit association has once again called on the Ryanair pilots to strike. The flight attendants are also with them. Passengers must expect flight failures on Wednesday.

Association cockpit: German Ryanair pilots want to strike again

The pilots of low-cost airline Ryanair want to strike again. A month after a pilot strike with some 400 flight failures, cockpit association has called on a new strike for pilots in Germany for this Wednesday. According to Verdi union, flight attendants will also lay down ir work.

The 24-hour strike AmMittwoch to start at 03.01 am. All connections that are to be departed from Germany in this time are affected.

Ryanair is currently experiencing biggest strikes in airline's history. In August, German pilots had put ir work toger with colleagues from Nerlands, Belgium and Sweden. As a result, airline had to cancel hundreds of connections. About 55,000 passengers were affected. The pilots demand better working conditions and higher remuneration.

"We are finally expecting solutions"

DerBilligflieger has been negotiating for months for first time with trade unions for pilots and cabin workers in MehrerenLändern on collective agreements, including in Germany. According to Cockpit Union Association, re is still "no improved offer". "Despite clear sign of strike at beginning of August, re is still a standstill at tariff table. We finally expect solutions, "said union's negotiator, Ingolf Schumacher.

The employees ' representatives want to establish a system of remuneration and mantle collective agreement for first time at low cost airline. Ryanair refers to favorable working time grids and high salaries of ir captains and co-pilots, which are above level of Eurowings or Norwegian. According to its own specifications, company does not want to make agreements that question low cost concept.

Even flight attendants demand higher wages

The flight attendants also demand higher salaries and better working conditions in different European countries. Some trade unions in Spain and Portugal have also been on strike. In Germany, Verdi trade union is negotiating with Ryanair with around 1,000 flight attendants. A second round of negotiations between collective bargaining parties last week did not bring any result. Verdi called present offer of Ryanair "completely pale".

The company has been subjected to a prolonged accusation of paying its employees significantly worse than or low-cost airlines. Ryanair has now been able to agree with pilots ' unions in Ireland and Italy. The company had only agreed to recognise trade unions in past year.

Date Of Update: 11 September 2018, 12:00

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