Astronomy Full Moon of February 2023: how and when to see the Snow Moon

Enjoying the full moon is an astronomical pleasure

Astronomy Full Moon of February 2023: how and when to see the Snow Moon

Enjoying the full moon is an astronomical pleasure. When the lunar disk is fully illuminated during the full moon, when the Earth is located in a straight line between the Sun and the Moon, it is the best time to contemplate details such as the seas or the largest craters on our satellite. This is an unmissable event for lovers of the skies, so these days they review the lunar calendar for February 2023 and mark in red the date on which the so-called Snow Moon can be seen.

Why is the full moon in February called Snow Moon? The origin goes back to the Native Americans of the North and East of the United States, who for centuries baptized the full moons with different names, evoking an important event that coincides in each month. Thus we have the full moon of the wolf (January), the full pink moon (April), the sturgeon (August) or the harvest moon (September). In February, the special name is the Snow Moon, as it coincides with the snowfall season. This was a time when game was scarce, so another nickname given to the February full moon was the Full Hunger Moon.

According to the data from the astronomical agenda of the National Geographic Institute (IGN), the full moon of February 2023, the second of the 13 full moons this year, takes place on Sunday the 5th. The moment this phase begins, with one side of the Moon fully illuminated by the Sun and with the satellite having completed half of the lunar month, it is at 7:28 p.m. and under the sign of Leo.

To see the full moon it is not necessary to have a telescope, since our own eyes are enough to contemplate its magical lighting, even being able to distinguish certain features of its face. Of course, the use of binoculars allows you to appreciate more details of its surface.

The most important thing will be to situate ourselves at a high point, without obstacles and where there is little light pollution.

February begins with the moon in its first quarter phase, a period that will give way to the full moon on Sunday, February 5, while the new moon will arrive on February 20, as indicated by the February lunar calendar.

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