Automation: Germany is to become the leading location for artificial intelligence

The federal cabinet wants to decide cornerstones for KI-promotion. According to a report, the Government is planning data cooperation between the State and the private sector.

Automation: Germany is to become the leading location for artificial intelligence

According to will of federal government, Germany will become world's leading location for artificial intelligence. This emerges from a cornerstone paper on artificial intelligence, from which ARD Capital Studio quotes. The cabinet wants to decide cornerstones on Wednesday. Above all, government wants to facilitate access to large amounts of data in Germany. According to report, re is a concrete political demand in paper: "The amount of usable, high-quality data must be significantly increased without compromising personal rights, right to informational self-determination or or fundamental rights. Injury. "

According to draft from which ARD cites, "data from public sector and science" should be increasingly opened up for AI research. The cabinet refore wants to enable "economic and public benefit" of data to be used. According to ARD, data of citizens are also in spotlight. The aim was to develop data cooperation between State and private sector in sense of a public-private data pool.

"With data you can earn cash"

Federal Minister of Finance Peter Altmaier (CDU) did not want to express himself in ARD about concrete details before cabinet decision. But: "We are not talking about data from concrete people, we are talking about anonymised data, which is due to digitalisation in large numbers," says Altmaier. "And y will be raw material of future when it comes to developing new business models. To gain new insights in field of medicine, in research, in traffic development, in urban planning, "said minister to ARD Capital Studio. "With data, you can earn cash, but in a form that is also compatible with data protection."

The Data Protection basic Regulation (DSGVO) that entered into force in EU is only a first step. In coming years, a law should create basis for protecting data, but also to enable companies to access it, such as "when a young company with data that is incurred by public transport companies has better timetables and new To develop business models, "said Altmaier.

But glassy citizens do not want to: "On contrary, we wish citizen to know what state knows about him. We have decided to create a citizen account where every citizen can see: What data is stored in public space. And he can see who is accessing this data, "Altmaier explained.

Government sees companies in Asia and America at Ki Front

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has declared AI competence zurSchlüsselfrage so that German economy can remain competitive internationally. With this technology, machines and systems learn to improve mselves undeigenständig to act. But development of autonomous driving also requires large amounts of data from drivers.

In draft of cornerstone paper, it becomes clear how far back Germany and Europe see mselves in promotion of artificial intelligence. "In field of linking user data, American and Asian companies have gained worldwide dominance and a competitive edge over German and European companies in recent years, who are also currently in business of using KI Technologies Competitive advantage, " draft states.

With new national strategy, federal government now wants to create a framework for catching up. On June 28th she had used a Enquete commission on artificial intelligence. It is intended to formulate recommendations for dealing with AI. 19 members of Bundestag and 19 experts sit in committee.

Date Of Update: 18 July 2018, 12:02

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