Award: D Germany speaks from time online gets Grimme online award

The Grimme Institute has spoken 34;D Germany 34; excellent: In the project, we bring together two readers with politically different attitudes to the conversation.

Award:  D Germany speaks   from time online gets Grimme online award

The Grimme Institute has awarded Grimme Online award to project "Germany speaks" developed by Time online. Prior to Bundestag election, we brought toger two readers on platform for a conversation which, while living in close proximity to each or, have completely different political attitudes. "A journalism that thus counteracts polarization and brings mutual respect of political opponents to front," jury judged. In meantime, we have developed "Germany speaks" to international platform "my country talks" with media partners from different countries.

The Grimme Online Award, awarded in Cologne, is undoped, and is regarded as most important German prize for high-quality internet journalism. Time was nominated online also for interactive Data Project Street Pictures, in which we have evaluated 450,000 street names throughout Germany to work out political-societal structures behind it. The prize in category culture and entertainment, however, went to or nominated projects.

The YouTube channel Sommer's world literature to go has been awarded here: Michael Sommer is filming videos in which he plays with Playmobil figures compressed literary works, from Homer's Iliad to Faust to The Lord of Rings – "funny and instructive at same time", as jury Explained. The second award in category went on moving years: in footsteps of visionaries, an online project of Museum of Arts and Crafts Hamburg on era of Art Nouveau.

In addition, 37 graduation year of Henri-Nanna-Schule for his project was honored by a German village: students of journalism were staying two weeks near village of Werpeloh in Emsland to experience life re and Multimedia document. A fourth prize in category was given to Instagram channel Mädelsabende of WDR. He is dedicated to posts and stories topics that are important to young women.

In category of knowledge and education, two nominees received Grimme Online Award: MaiLab and riff reporter. MaiLab is a YouTube channel of ARD/ZDF youth offer funk: re 30-year-old chemist in May Thi Nguyen-Kim explains in videos scientific contexts understandable and entertaining. RiffReporterist is a website of freelance journalists organized as a cooperative on scientific topics.

In addition to "Germany speaks", in special category also inclusion activist Raul Wort Hausen was awarded for his various online activities.

No prize was awarded this year in category information. This is because jury selects up to eight prize winners from four categories – but it does not necessarily have to distribute prizes to all categories. In parallel, Internet users were able to vote on an audience prize. He also went to YouTube channel MaiLab. A total of 28 projects were nominated for Grimme Online award 2018. The prize has already been awarded for 18th time, and is awarded by Grimme Institute in Marl.

Date Of Update: 23 June 2018, 12:02

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