Beachy Air and Maxia Van: Hobby comes light and luxurious to the caravan salon

Hobby is bringing two innovations to the Caravan Salon currently taking place in Düsseldorf.

Beachy Air and Maxia Van: Hobby comes light and luxurious to the caravan salon

Hobby is bringing two innovations to the Caravan Salon currently taking place in Düsseldorf. On the one hand, the VW Crafter is the basis, on the other, ID.Buzz is the driving force. The minimalist lightweight caravan Beachy Air is only a study so far, the Maxia Van 680 ET can already be ordered.

Hobby-Wohnwagenwerke are breaking new ground. When it comes to caravans, where the North Germans are number one in Europe, they are consistently following the course set last year with the Beachy and are presenting the study of the minimalist lightweight caravan Beachy Air at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf With the Maxia Van, the manufacturer ventures into the premium class. Both have to do with the cooperation with Volkswagen that was sealed just a few weeks ago.

The Maxia Van is the first panel van that Hobby does not build on the Fiat Ducato. The VW Crafter as a basis is definitely a different caliber, plays in a higher, more expensive class. The interior concept must then also match the premium claim. And indeed, the northern lights have succeeded in creating a coherent design that is based on the interior of their own top caravan series Maxia with a noble and reduced design from the even further north and is intended to delight the occupants with a Scandinavian hygge feeling.

The 6.84 meter long Maxia Van has a classic layout with two single beds in the rear, the kitchenette on the passenger side and the toilet/shower room opposite. The seating group at the front consists of the two-seater bench and the swiveling front armchairs. The combination of light walnut wood, graphite-grey elements, white wall units and the gray felt-look roof and side panels that are increasingly being used in luxury motorhomes should actually appeal to fans of the Scandinavian design style.

The high roof of the VW Crafter not only ensures a good feeling of space, but also allows a headroom of two meters despite the double floor. The most powerful engine variant of the 2.0-liter turbo diesel with 130 kW/177 hp and the eight-speed automatic transmission is on board as standard. When it comes to safety and assistance systems, VW is already the top address.

The extensively equipped Maxia Van 680 ET can now be ordered from dealers at prices starting at 89,750 euros and is expected to be delivered from spring 2023. As a 3.5-ton vehicle, it is designed for use by two people when driving, but can optionally be increased to 3.85 tons.

The most interesting innovation in caravans would be at the other end of the price scale if it were to go into series production in the near future. But the Beachy Air is far from that. "It is a technology carrier with a focus on lightweight construction and functionality," says Hobby Managing Director Bernd Löher, explaining the consistent addition and further development of the Beachy, which was successfully launched last year.

With a body length of 3.50 meters and a total height of two meters, the Beachy Air is very compact. A pop-up roof extends the interior headroom to up to 2.15 meters. A removable kitchen module moves the action outside when the weather is good. A folding standing desk can be used as a mobile office or as a work surface in the kitchen. The L-shaped seating group can be converted into a 2.00 x 1.40 meter bed in just a few simple steps. Everything is laid out simply and flexibly with bright and natural beachy colors.

The Beachy Air is an uncomplicated, flexible and simple caravan with an empty weight of less than 500 kilograms. An ideal caravan for the age of electric mobility, because it is light enough not to drastically reduce the range when hooked up to an electric car and, on the other hand, to significantly increase the range of vehicles that are allowed to tow the caravan at all.

And what towing vehicle would go better with the two-tone painted Hobby concept caravan than a VW ID.Buzz? In this composition, the team exhibited in Düsseldorf seems to be made of one piece. We know that the VW Stromer with top-class cult potential is in the starting blocks. When and what form the Beachy Air study will eventually go into series production, Hobby is still completely open.

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