Bees die: Bayer goes against the verdict on insect remedies

In a court ruling in mid-May, the EU banned three insecticides that are reputed to harm bees. The chemical group Bayer is appealing.

Bees die: Bayer goes against the verdict on insect remedies

After its defeat in dispute over EU bans on bee-damaging insects, Bayer Chemical group is appealing against verdict. The company wanted to have some general interpretations of EU court on Plant Protection Act examined, it was said in a communication. The court decision on insecticides "could have far-reaching consequences for legal certainty in European Union (EU) of approved active substance approvals," Bayer shared on Friday.

At same time, company said that it accepted recent decision by EU Member States to limit use of certain Neonikotinoide in agriculture, even if this approach was "scientifically unfounded". Therefore, Bayer withdrew dossier on active substance Clothianidin in context of ongoing readmission procedure.

The European Commission had banned in 2013 use of Neonikotinoide, which are harmful to bees, with active substances Clothianidin, Thiamethoxam and Imidacloprid on a large scale. Bayer and Swiss manufacturer, on or hand, sued Syngenta with aim of declaring bans invalid. Syngenta also applied for compensation of at least 367.9 million euros.

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In middle of May, EU court in Luxembourg dismissed actions in full. It also referred to precautionary principle that, from its point of view, protective measures could be taken "without waiting for actual existence and severity of se risks to be fully demonstrated."

The Aurelia Foundation for protection of Bees criticized Bayer's decision to appeal. The group wanted to "clear primacy of environmental protection against economic interests", foundation in Berlin shared. Recently, 232 scientists had signed an appeal calling on politicians around world to restrict use of Neonikotinoiden on model of European Union.

Date Of Update: 29 July 2018, 12:00

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