Berlin Public Prosecutor's office: Investigators cover large sales tax cartel

In the copper trade, several 100 million euros of sales tax evaded. According to the Berlin Public Prosecutor's Office, more than 50 people and companies were involved.

Berlin Public Prosecutor's office: Investigators cover large sales tax cartel

DieStaatsanwaltschaft Berlin, toger with tax investigators Dasdeutschlandweit, has smashed largest sales tax cartel that has become known. In case of copper trading, more than 50 Beschuldigteund companies hinterzogenhaben several 100 million euros in sales taxes. According to Public Prosecutor's Office, re is a suspicion that at least 100,000 tonnes of copper vonSerbien have been brought to Germany. Dieseswurde is sold via various bogus companies and with bogus invoices to industrial customers.

Bereitsam Tuesday, Berlin district Court condemned a 47-jährigenBosnier as main owner of cartel in Germany. WegenSteuerhinterziehung from 2010 to 2014 in amount of 68.2 million he was given a custodial sentence of seven years. The verdict is not yet valid, which is why man according to Gerichtsangabennicht in Untersuchungshaftbefindet.Er has already appealed.

Martin Santiago, spokesman of Public Prosecutor's office, said that DieErmittlungen had been running since 2014. According to EsDurchsuchungen, telephone calls were bugged Undverdeckte investigators Eingesetztworden. There were or criminal proceedings in DemKomplex. Some are bereitsabgeschlossen. Furr details were not provided.

In case of convicted Hauptverdächtigenwurden, Public Prosecutor's Office also confiscated assets of more than 25Millionen euros. The process was only now announced because of DesSteuergeheimnisses.

Date Of Update: 16 August 2018, 12:00

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