Binge-watching: The best TV series in August

Ice-cube foot bath, curtains and Los: 34;D he forest 34;, 34;D isenchantment 34; and the new seasons of 34;D He report of the Maid 34; and 34; Better Call Saul 34; are our August tips.

Binge-watching: The best TV series in August
From series: Hildegard von Binge binge-watching: The best TV series in August Ice Cube foot bath, curtains to and going on: "The Forest", "Disenchantment" and new seasons of " Rep Place of Maid "and" Better Call Saul "are our August tips. By Daniel Gerhardt, Marietta Rock hard, David Hugendick, Leonie Bartsch and Carolin Stroebele August 18th, 2018, 16:30 Uhr40 comments Alexia Selier in "The Forest", Giancarlo Esposito in "b Etter call Saul "and Elisabeth Moss in" report of maid "© Netflix/AMC/Sony Pictures Television/2018 MGM Television Entertainment Inc. and Relentless Productions, LLC Content
  • Page 1 — best TV series in August
  • Page 2 — it gets even better – and worse: "The maid's report", Season 2
  • Page 3 — Saul's fall: "Better Call Saul" in fourth season
  • Page 4 — What else is going on: "Arthur's Law"
  • Page 5 — News from "Simpsons" creator: "Disenchantment"
  • Page 6 — rar not: "Insatiable", "All about Washington"
  • Page 7 — not new, but hey: "Lur"
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    Are you slowly losing sight of all horizontal and vertical series on Netflix, Amazon, Sky and on free TV? Or are you just looking for good TV, maybe even want to do well-groomed binge-watching? In our column "Hildegard von Binge" We discuss most interesting restarts of month.

    "The Forest"

    There he is again, forest. In past few months, he was one of favourite venues for numerous television series, dark, break, not to mention many Scandinavian horror-dramas. Forest, in itself only a tree and still a tree, and yet it does not seem exhausted. Mysterious terrain.

    The latest variation of this is just forest, and in it a girl disappears without a trace on edge of a French coffee. Your bike is in moss. A new police chief has just arrived in village and takes over immediately. Around him somewhat precarious conditions: lying husbands, strange hermits, alcoholic van drivers and a young teacher who maintains a telepathic connection to wolves.

    Despite high trees and mysterious symbols in ir barks, this thriller also works according to old principle: Was it Countess von Porz with chandelier in library? That in a series with such limited personnel at some point re is only one left, which must have been at end, is format. Maybe forest wants a bit too much of everything: Mysterythriller, French social realism, crime story and puberty problem history.

    The fact that it is still gripping until last episode is actually due to landscape, grey-lit, noticeable suffocating small town and this place, so much visited by series, which leaves a few mysteries of this story unaired. Na? Yes, that's right.     (David Hugendick) The six episodes of "The Forest" are available on Netflix.

    Date Of Update: 19 August 2018, 12:00

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