Binge-watching: The best TV series in July

Plagues in Spain, a car killer in Ohio and a woman who cuts herself into her own flesh: 34;D he plague 34;, 34; Mr. Mercedes 34; and 34; sharp objects 34; are our series tips.

Binge-watching: The best TV series in July
From series: Hildegard von Binge binge-watching: The best TV series in July epidemics in Spain, a car killer in Ohio and a woman who cuts herself into her own flesh: "The PE St "," Mr. Mercedes "and" sharp objects "are our series tips. by Marietta Rock, Carmen Böker, Carolin Stroebele, Jens Mayer, Bettina Hensel, Daniel Gerhardt and Leonie Bartsch July 7th, 2018, 15:06 Uhr9 comments Pablo Molinero in "The Plague", Harry Treadaway in "Mr. Mercedes" and Amy Adams in "Sharp objects" © SkyVision/Movistar/Julio Vergne, Sony Pictures Television, HBO Content
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    Are you slowly losing sight of all horizontal and vertical series on Netflix, Amazon, Sky and on free TV? Or are you just looking for good TV, maybe even want to do well-groomed binge-watching? In our column "Hildegard von Binge" We discuss most interesting restarts of month.

    "Sharp Objects"

    When US writer Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl) wrote sharp objects 12 years ago, no one wanted to publish her novel first. Who wants a heroine that deals damage to oneself and ors? Only now, or right now, is it just stories like this that Hollywood wants to tell. The new eight-part HBO crime series by Showrunnerin Marti Noxon (dietary), directed by great Jean-Marc Vallée (Big Little Lies), looks deep and artfully into female abysses.

    The story follows Camille Preaker (Amy Adams), a reporter who is sent back to her hometown at sournmost tip of Missouri to tell about murder of one, possibly two girls. She carves words into flesh and kills her worries with vodka, which she carries in water bottles filled with. No wonder with a dead sister, a passive-aggressive mor (Patricia Clarkson) and a 13-year-old half-sister (Eliza Scanlen) with Lolita Complex.

    Sharp objects draws a sinister, atmospheric universe in which psychological violence, gender roles and small town intrigues are mixed in an explosive way. (Marietta Rock)

    A detailed review of "sharp objects" can be read at start of series on Monday, July 9th, on time online.

    The eight episodes of sharp objects are available on Sky ticket, Sky Go and sky on demand, parallel to US broadcast in original version on night of 8th of July. Available in German or English from August 30th on Sky Atlantic.

    Date Of Update: 08 July 2018, 12:02

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