Binge-watching: The best TV series in June

A feminist empowerment fantasy, an Israeli espionage affair, and a French trauma: 34;D Ietland 34;, 34; false flags 34; and 34; 13 November 34; are our TV tips.

Binge-watching: The best TV series in June
From series: Hildegard von Binge binge-watching: The best TV series in June a feminist empowerment fantasy, an Israeli espionage affair and a French trauma: "Dietary", "false Flags" and "November 13th" are our TV tips. by Carolin Stroebele, Dirk Peitz, Marietta Rock hard and Leonie Bartsch June 10th, 2018, 21:24 UHR3 comments "False Flag", Joy Nash as Alicia in "dietary" and François Hollande in documentary "November 13th – Ang Riff on Paris "© 2017 Keshet Broadcasting and Tender Productions, AMC, Netflix content
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  • Page 2 — "It wasn't Americans": "False Flag"
  • Page 3 — Documentation of a trauma: "November 13: Attack on Paris"
  • page 4 — "The Good Fight 2" and "instinct"
  • Page 5 — What else is going on: "Succession"
  • Page 6 — rar not: "Cloak and Dagger" and " last Above"
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    Are you slowly losing sight of all horizontal and vertical series on Netflix, Amazon, Sky and on free TV? Or are you just looking for good TV, maybe even want to do well-groomed binge-watching? In our column "Hildegard von Binge" We discuss most interesting restarts of month.


    If Amy Schumer (I feel Pretty) and Margaret Atwood ( maid's report) put ir feminist ideas into a common series, n something like dietary might come out. The black humorous US series, which is based on novel by Sarai Walker, deals with American diet industry, rape culture, feminist power struggles and a 136 kilo-heavy writer named Plum (Joy Nash) who is in a secret Network of feminists. At same time, a guerrilla group called Jennifer begins to lead feminist philosophy to extremes by killing men who mistreat women.

    Joy Nash as Alicia in "Diet" © AMC Networks

    Dietary is like a feminist version of Fight Club. Although story is politically charged in times of MeToo, dry humor and imaginative animations of series lend a playful tone. With series creator Marti Noxon (Buffy, Unreal) and an excellent leading actress – judging by two-hour pilot episode – The signs are good for an intelligent and entertaining feminine empowerment fantasy. (Marietta Rock)

    Read here detailed review of "dietary".

    The first season of "dietary" runs from June 5th on Amazon Prime.

    Date Of Update: 11 June 2018, 12:02

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