Bottrop: Pharmacist Panschte Medications – twelve years in prison

A Bottrop pharmacist has stretched cancer medications and has thus become financially enriched. The District Court food condemned the man and imposed a profession ban.

Bottrop: Pharmacist Panschte Medications – twelve years in prison

In scandal surrounding adulterated cancer drugs Everyone country Court eat a 48-year-old pharmacist sentenced to twelve years in prison. The judges considered it to be proven that in DerApoke defendant from Bottrop had infusion solutions, but both health insurance funds were fully charged. With proceeds, defendant should have financed his lavish life style.

The prosecutor's office had originally 13.5 years in custody for pharmacist because of Verstoßesgegen drug law and fraud. By restorationing full dose of active ingredient in cancer drugs, but using only a lower dose, defendant was enriched at expense of people around her Lebenbangten, state prosecutor Rudolf Jakubowski said. Overall, DerApoker has bruised health insurance companies by more than 50 million euros. " And this to continue its luxurious lifestyle – example to build a villa with a waterslide, "said DerStaatsanwalt.

Number of patients affected remains unclear

During trial at District Court bliebenallerdings important questions are open. It could not geklärtwerden how many patients bekommenhaben under dosed chemorapy. Initially, public Prosecutor's office was from more than 1,000 patients affected. The defenders of Apokerszweifelten circumstantial evidence and demanded a acquittal. DemApoker could not be proved that he was EinSerienbetrüger, his lawyers argued. In addition, it is dieAnalyse to doubt medicines that have been secured. "It's Nichtsbewiesen," said defender Ulf Reuker in his plea. DerAngeklagte himself did not want to become Vorwürfenäußern in process.

Two pharmacists had revealed drug scandal. For this y were awarded German whistleblower prize Ende2017. Several or former employees had made KeineAussagen in court.

Unannounced checks in cancer pharmacies

Political consequences were also drawn from case. Thus, Nordrhein-WestfalensGesundheitsminister Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU) issued 2017 NeueTransparenzregeln. Unannounced inspections are now being carried out in specialized cancer pharmacies to control personnel and displacement of infusion medicines.

Neverless, DeutscheStiftung patient protection in Dortmund was shown at end of Prozessesernüchtert. "Still, federal government and Länder have not drawn any ausreichendenKonsequenzen," said board Eugen Brysch. Eslaut Brysch for safety of hundreds of thousands of patients, maybe a cancer rapy hoped for a furr life.

Date Of Update: 07 July 2018, 12:02

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