BubbleXT Review - Trade with the Right Tools

BubbleXT Review - Trade with the Right Tools

Thinking about investing your money somewhere? Everyone wants to make high returns when they invest money, but this is easier said than done. Most of the options that are available these days are not really giving much profits or returns, which can be quite frustrating. If you are looking for a good way to earn money, trading can be a great solution for you. First off, this space provides you with lots of opportunities to explore and secondly, it has the potential to offer excellent returns. You don’t need any experience to get started, but you should look for a broker first.

Finding a broker is the most important step when you want to start trading. The right broker can make all the difference because they provide you with the platform, assets and tools you need to trade profitably. However, this is often a challenge for traders and it is not because there is a shortage of options. There are plenty of brokers you will come across when you start searching, but this doesn’t mean that you can just pick the first one you find. This decision should be made carefully because your broker can have a big impact on your success.

One of the brokers that you will find in the market is BubbleXT. This broker has been operating in the market for a few years and is based in Zurich, Switzerland. Offering its services to all types of traders, BubbleXT gives its clients the opportunity to trade more than 450 instruments through its platform. It doesn’t compete with its clients because it is an STP (Straight Through Processing) broker and has put together a comprehensive solution for everyone. The problem is that many brokers may similar claims, but don’t even fulfill half of them. Therefore, you need to ensure that BubbleXT doesn’t follow the same route.

The only way to go about it is to judge each and every aspect of the broker to make your decision. Some of the things you should take into account are:

  • The trading platform to be used

The most prominent feature offered by a brokerage is their trading platform. This is a software that lets you execute your trades and monitor the market in order to earn profits. But, not every broker will offer you a good platform, so it is your job to ensure that you choose a broker that can provide you with a solid solution. BubbleXT has come up with several trading platforms for their clients to facilitate the trading process. They have a desktop option in the form of the MetaTrader4, which is the most popular platform in the market. It is a feature-rich platform that offers one-click trading, speedy execution, easy downloads and excellent security.

But, this is not where your choices end. BubbleXT also has a web trader for their clients that can be used through the browser. You can access it through the broker’s website and it is extremely easy to use. No downloading is needed and it provides you advanced charting tools, slippage protection, automated trading and instant execution. Lastly, the broker has also come up with mobile apps for iOS and Android to help their clients in trading round the clock from anywhere.

  • The assets to invest in

It is not just the trading platform that needs to be considered; the asset index of a broker is also important when you are looking for trading opportunities. BubbleXT has put together a strong asset index, and as mentioned before, they have more than 450 financial instruments. This is not just a claim because you will find a lot of variety on their platform when you check out the option. If you enjoy volatility and want to take advantage of it, you can trade forex currency pairs, indices and cryptocurrencies. If you want lower risk options, commodities, bonds and mutual funds are a good choice whereas you can get stable returns from the stock market and futures. With so many choices, you will be able to diversify your portfolio easily and maximize your returns.

  • The trading tools to enjoy

There have been lots of stories about traders making it big in the market, but plenty fail as well. The difference between the two is that the latter don’t have access to good trading tools. These tools can make a big difference because they can help traders in making smart decisions. Knowing this, BubbleXT has incorporated some of the top trading tools on their platform. You can find risk management tools like stop loss, take profit and guaranteed stop loss that can help you prevent high losses and lock in profits. There are trading signals and charting tools that can help in identifying opportunities.

Spread and trading hours are provided and BubbleXT has also given a trading glossary to help their clients in learning the necessary jargon for understanding the market. Most importantly, algorithmic trading is also offered to traders, which enables them to enjoy automated trading. Those who don’t have a lot of knowledge about the trading market can simply set parameters and let the algorithm do the trading for them.

  • The accounts you can open

In order to cater to different traders, brokers have to come up with account types. These are designed for traders from varying backgrounds and so, their features are also unique. BubbleXT has also added such options, but they have ensured that these accounts have something to offer to every kind of trader who wants to use their services. There are five choices, which are Silver, Gold, Platinum, Signature and VIP and each of these target a different class of trader. Customer support, trading news, trading signals, education center access, personal account manager, low fees, sessions with market analyst and private banking are just some of the features that you will receive from these accounts.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed our BubbleXT review today! Trading with the right tools and platform can make all the difference in the outcome and BubbleXT allows you to trade in a secure environment to enjoy it all.

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