Business Safety Trends for 2022

Fortunately, the world is becoming a safer place. As a result of the high cost of litigation and a human desire to reduce accidents,

Business Safety Trends for 2022

Fortunately, the world is becoming a safer place. As a result of the high cost of litigation and a human desire to reduce accidents, companies are investing more time and money into the concept of a safe workplace. Workers who are not in danger of becoming injured on the job are happier and more productive. Owners who operate accident-free offices don't lose sleep over lawsuits. It's a win-win situation and one that has taken root in the past two decades.

One reason so many more offices, factories, job sites, and work vehicles are safer than ever is technology. If you want to make sure your business succeeds you have to adapt with the advances in tech. Advances in science and architecture have made it possible to create spaces in which the chances of injury are much less than they've ever been. In fact, one of the most common legal problems for owners has always been the famous slip and fall lawsuit. Today's high-tech floors make ordinary falls a rarity.

Likewise, transport firms use sophisticated fleet management systems to protect drivers on the road. Dash cams are a core component of a vast array of fleet tech that not only helps track vehicles but enables two-way communication between supervisors and drivers for the purpose of training and reporting. Many other companies offer their workers bonuses to take structured, graded courses on topics like accident prevention and first aid.

Two other trends that are part of the overall move toward a less dangerous job environment are also relevant. One is the gradual disappearance of steps in offices all over the world. To comply with accessibility laws, large numbers of organizations have chosen to use ramped entryways instead of stepped ones. Also, to prevent the danger posed by intruders, the vast majority of modern offices have implemented restricted access via electronic badging and credential systems. Here are details about the top three safety-related business trends of 2022.

High-Tech Floors

The no-slip floor has gone high-tech. Breakthroughs in chemistry and materials design have brought several products to market that promise to minimize the chance of a fall, slip, or injury in traditional workspaces. The newest versions for 2022 look and feel like regular carpets and linoleum, but they are coated with specialized chemicals and components that keep slips and falls to a negligible level.

Smart Management of Vehicle Fleets

If your fleet does not currently include dash cams, 2022 is an ideal time to add them. Not only do they make drivers safer by allowing direct, visual supervision, but they also save money in a number of ways. In-dash cameras can enhance ROI by keeping drivers on route and on time, maintaining a high level of driver excellence, and more. To get started, it's best to review a comprehensive dash cam guide in order to select the best versions for your fleet's particular needs.

Structured, Incentivized Education

Educational programs are taking the commercial world by storm and the benefits are included in top lists of key performance indicators for many types of businesses. Safety certificates are now part of the landscape for new hires and established employees who want to meet performance benchmarks for annual reviews. Owners are offering multiple online and in-person classes in subjects like accident prevention, CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation), first aid, and more.

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