Businesses and homes affected by the Nor'easter cut power by half a million.

A nor'easter, which battered the Atlantic coast with hurricane force wind gusts, left over half a million homes and businesses without power in New England. It also forced the closing of bridges and ferries in the region on Wednesday.

Businesses and homes affected by the Nor'easter cut power by half a million.

As the storm's winds weakened throughout the day, utility workers worked to restore power. According to Eversource, it will take several days to restore power in the most affected areas of southeastern Massachusetts.

According to the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, 425,000 power outages were caused by strong winds that blew heavy tree branches and wet leaves onto power lines. Utilities reported that there were approximately 90,000 customers without power on Rhode Island, 17,000 in Maine and 15,000 in Connecticut, while 6,000 customers had no power in New Hampshire.

Officials warned against traveling to southeastern Massachusetts due to wind, downed power lines and fallen trees. A small plane was blown over a fence at New Bedford's airport.

Officials said that the highest gust of the storm was recorded at an island ferry dock at 94 mph (151mph).

Numerous schools cancelled classes. A school bus heading to Middletown High School was struck by power lines in Connecticut. There were no injuries. Six students were riding on the bus. It continued its journey after emergency responders removed power lines.

Authorities in Rhode Island closed the Newport Pell Bridge and Jamestown Verrazzano Bridges due to wind gusts of up to 70 mph on Wednesday. They reopened them soon afterward to all vehicles. Schools buses were not allowed to cross the bridge until Wednesday afternoon.

Wednesday's suspension of ferry service to Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket islands resulted in a suspension of ferry service.

Authorities said that one driver was killed and another was injured after a tree branch fell on two vehicles passing through Morris Township, northern New Jersey.

Coast Guard officials Tuesday said that the body of a kayaker who went missing off New York's Long Island was found near the Bronx by a helicopter search team. Laurence Broderick (45), was reported missing on Tuesday morning.

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