Cambridge Analytica: European users supposedly not affected by Facebook scandal

How much data from Facebook users has been passed on to Cambridge Analytica? Facebook asserts that no one in the EU is affected by the current situation.

Cambridge Analytica: European users supposedly not affected by Facebook scandal

No European users are to be affected by Facebook data scandal around Cambridge Analytica. That's what Facebook manager Steve Satterfield said at a hearing in European Parliament. "The best information available to us suggests that no European data has been passed on." He supported contracts between scientist Aleksandr Kogan and data analysis firm, on Kogan's statements as well as on investigations of Facebook himself.

According to earlier information from online network, scandal could have passed data from up to 87 million members to Cambridge Analytica. The British company had received data from Kogan, who had conducted a survey on Facebook. According to previous data, up to 310,000 users from Germany and several millions from Europe could also have been affected. That was a Facebook estimate of maximum possible extent of scandal. Later on, in response to questions to head of company Mark Zuckerberg in Brussels, Facebook had reported that no data could have been affected by Europeans.

In conclusion, however, it is not yet possible to assess this, Satterfield restricted. To do this, computers of Cambridge Analytica are to be checked but are still waiting for permission of British data protection officers.

Date Of Update: 26 June 2018, 12:02

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