Causes of fatal accidents in Atlanta

When it comes to fatal accidents in Atlanta, this state is no different from any other big metropolis

Causes of fatal accidents in Atlanta

Risks for Fatal Accidents are high in Atlanta

When it comes to fatal accidents in Atlanta, this state is no different from any other big metropolis. The same causes of deadly accidents also affect smaller cites. However, you may see lower numbers of accident fatalities in these less populated cities than you would see in cities like New York City, Chicago, Illinois, and Atlanta, Georgia, to name just three large cities. Due to the dense populace, these large, busy cities are certainly at risk for more accident fatalities.

Causes of Fatal Accidents in Atlanta

It is comfortable to be driving and become distracted. It only takes a split second to lose a life because, for that split second, you or the other driver became distracted. This group of distracted drivers includes,


  • A blood-alcohol level above the legal limit. One drink is too much if you are driving a vehicle.
  • Those who drive recklessly but may not have had alcohol or are speeding but are only not paying attention to other drivers around them. This driver can quickly run into the back-end of the car in front of them, they can sideswipe a car when passing too close, or they like to take chances by narrowly missing other drivers on the road, causing the other driver to hit someone else. These drives like to take chances.
  • Cell phone use and texting while driving
  • Running yellow or red traffic lights
  • Other types of accidents contributing to wrongful death accidents happen on the job or while on vacation. Unintentional injuries and death are a horrible thing to walk through. Have your attorney at your side because you need the skill and expertise of this seasoned professional. Your initial consultation is free.

Q. What do you do if you see someone on the road speeding or possibly driving drunk, as though they may be driving drunk?
A. Always give this driver plenty of room. Slow down your speed to allow that driver to pass ahead of you. Give them time to move past you. Safely pull over to the side of the road if possible and call 9-1-1. Do not use your cell phone for calls or texting. This action puts you in the same risky group of drivers.

Q. What is the safe way to approach an intersection?
A. If the traffic light turned green as you are about to enter the intersection, slow down, and quickly look both ways to be sure an oncoming car does not run the red light and hit you. Never try to beat the yellow caution light as this is when someone tries to speed up and get through the yellow light before it turns red.
Driving distracted, drunk, too fast of a speed, under the influence of alcohol, and texting, can kill. If you die at the hands of someone else, it is up to your family to sue the wrongful driver. If an adult or child was in your car and died at the hands of an illegal driver, grief will be with you forever, no matter the circumstances.

If you are involved in any fatal accident, you or your family's first thing to do is seek medical treatment. Then, as soon as possible, and within 24 hours, call your attorney. If you cannot take pictures of the accident scene, get a friend or family member to take as many pictures as possible.

Your attorney's expertise is wrongful death lawsuits. Initiate their help to claim what financial support is rightfully yours: the death, pain and suffering, the mounting medical bills, lost wages, and property damage call for compensation. Families can be in shock and grieving after a loved one dies in an accident caused by another person's negligence.

A wrongful death occurs when someone is negligent towards another person and property. Your attorney builds your lawsuit case around the fact that there were unintentional or intentional actions leading to death. You want to get as much money as you possibly so you can to pay for all of the expenses incurred by this negligent act.

When your case goes to court, you want an attorney who can tell your story to a jury, making every detail stand out. You attorney works hard to get you the compensation you need and deserve such as,

  • The loss of wages
  • Hospital costs and other medical bills related to the accident
  • In-house medical services
  • Loss of property
  • Rehabilitation

In the event of injuries or death from a negligent accident, you never want an attorney specializing in tax or business law. You want an attorney who specializes in wrongful injury and death situations to get the best settlement possible. It is vital to remain within the statute of limitations. Wrongful death can happen anytime and anywhere. Find out how a wrongful death attorney can help. You need an attorney well-versed in wrongful death suits to build a successful case and win the compensation you need so desperately. Contact and hire only a seasoned and experienced wrongful death attorney to win your settlement case. Never fight your lawsuit case in court without a skilled attorney by your side.



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