Changing Offices: Moving to a Different Site

Whether it’s because of a competitive local environment, or more promising real estate

Changing Offices: Moving to a Different Site

Whether it’s because of a competitive local environment, or more promising real estate, relocating to a new office may be difficult for your company. But when it’s time to take your business elsewhere, you have to be prepared to make sure that you won’t lose more than just your building. Searching for different office space is already difficult to achieve in the current property market, but maybe a move to a different environment can do your company some good. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind before you set off for new headquarters.

Prepare your inventory

Cataloguing your equipment before you leave is an essential step in moving; you can do this through adequately labelling your materials with stickers before you pack them. When it comes to more sensitive material like bank documents and company records, be sure to keep the hard copies with you during the move in small compact boxes to make sure that they’re safe within your grasp. Prepare a checklist of all the things that will be brought in by the movers to double-check later once you’ve arrived at your new office space.

Make sure that furniture or other heavy equipment is dealt with by the movers. Keep fragile pieces appropriately labelled and even separated into boxes. You never know how bumpy the ride with the movers will be. You won’t save any money packing breakable items inside desk drawers or in lockers. A good tip for keeping your materials safe while on the move is using packaging paper. Choosing packaging paper over the newspaper is not just for show, but it avoids smears and stains on your equipment.

Packing materials

Office movers often run into the danger of ordering too little packaging equipment. As much as possible, try not to do any more packing when it comes to moving day so have your boxes in order before the movers come in on site. But when you’re facing a worst-case scenario, when it comes to last-minute touches on packing day you might regret having too few boxes instead of too many. Consider how much of the company equipment you’ll be packing, and which items need extra protection. Buying boxes in different sizes for different materials, wrapping paper for fragile objects, Styrofoam and plastic for extra stuffing, and lots and lots of packaging tape should be on your shopping list. Don’t try to avoid essential expenses either when it comes to moving.

Coordinate with the movers

There are a lot of quality moving services that provide a variety of services at affordable rates, like Gloucester removals. Depending on the service, they can opt to offer valuable benefits such as senior citizen discounts, packing and unpacking services, and even moving insurance for your convenience. Choosing a removals service that's near to your new office can save you on the distance of the trip the movers will have to charge you.


Date Of Update: 24 August 2018, 23:30

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