Claudia Neumann: ZDF makes a complaint against reporter

Claudia Neumann commented at the football World Cup games on ZDF – and on the Internet, anti-women's slogans fall. The station has now turned on the prosecutor's office.

Claudia Neumann: ZDF makes a complaint against reporter

ZDF has turned on public prosecutor's office in Mainz for attacks on internet on sports reporter Claudia Neumann. The broadcaster submitted a criminal complaint "against two users who have expressed ir extreme derogatory attitude towards Claudia Neumann and ZDF on social media", as director Thomas Bellut said. It is about insulting and public solicitation of crimes.

At World Cup in Russia, Neumann is only woman to comment on games in German public service television. The ZDF has already used m in several games, among ors in match between Portugal and Iran. In addition to a lot of praise on Internet, some sardonic and anti-women criticism appeared.

An "adventurous attitude"

"Apparently, a part of audience still has a problem with a woman commenting on football," Bellut said. He spoke of an "adventurous attitude". Neumann makes ir work "professionally very good". The journalist had given her debut in Russia as a live reporter at a men's World Cup.

Even after his first operations, ZDF-head of team Thomas Carter had clearly criticized hatred on net: "We naturally accept criticism, also with commentators – but what happens with Claudia Neumann breaks all boundaries." The comments on net are " bottom drawer". Carter had certified Neumann with a high level of expertise. That you also passed mistakes like confusion of a Japanese player, which is like a male colleague's job.

"It wasn't even about wher she made any technical mistakes," Bellut said on Friday. "We are pursuing all attacks against ZDF employees who perform criminal offences, in any case." He hopes to have a deterrent effect.

Date Of Update: 30 June 2018, 12:02

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