CNN demands $125 million from Chris Cuomo in arbitration bid

Gov. Cuomo announced his resignation on August and questions were raised as to whether Cuomo's brother may have acted in journalistic ethics to aid him.

CNN demands $125 million from Chris Cuomo in arbitration bid

Chris Cuomo, an ex-ANC anchor on CNN, is seeking $125 million in arbitration. He claims that the network wrongly terminated his employment, according to the TV host's legal team.

Cuomo was fired after it became clear that he had played an active part in the advice of his brother, the former-New York Governor. Andrew Cuomo was in opposition to his brother, the former governor of New York.

Bryan Freedman, Chris Cuomo’s attorney, stated in a statement that "it should be obvious to everybody that Chris Cuomo didn’t lie to CNN about helping His brother.”

"In reality, the limited information from WarnerMedia's investigation reveals that CNN's top-ranking executives knew of Chris's involvement in helping his brothers, but also actively supported the Governor, both directly and through Chris."

Gov. Cuomo resigned in August . Questions were raised about whether Cuomo 's brother may have acted ethically to aid him. CNN fired Chris Cuomo in December.

In the early days of 2020's pandemic, Gov. Cuomo was often a guest on-air of his brother's. Freedman stated that the cozy relationship had clearly been blessed by CNN.

CNN admitted that network standards were altered in an effort to increase ratings. Freedman said that Chris was made the scapegoat when these practices were exposed.

"The legal action today shows that CNN wrongfully terminated Chris. It also violated the terms of Chris' employment agreement by allowing employees to disparage Chris. Chris is due a full apology from the people responsible."

CNN representatives declined to comment Wednesday.


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