Computer game: Help, my child plays on Nite

In many computer games, violence is paramount. Not so AT 34; on Nite 34;. Nevertheless, there are problems: Some children do not want to stop playing.

Computer game: Help, my child plays   on Nite
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    If Rafael is over Fortniteredet, n with great enthusiasm. "I was with a friend and we habenbei gambling," says DerZehnjährige. "It was so much fun that I somehow got hooked." When he was back home later, he could not play again because he did not possess a PlayStation. "And that Warirgendwie really bad for me."

    Because at that time game only worked through console and re was no Android or iOS version, Rafael persuaded his parents to allow him to buy a game console from saved money he had received for Christmas and for his birthday. But he didn't even have PlayStation one day, so stress started. The trigger was video game that he had already tried with his friend.

    After he had connected device, Rafael Zockte, as much as it was going. His mor was changed to her son. has become like a puppet behavior, have quite strange Bewegungengemacht, says Maria Rose, Rafael's mor. "He was totally irritated, schrieunartikuliert around, quickly became angry and very rude to me." That went so far as to insult his mor. Maria Rose collected game console.

    Those who are left will win

    This sounds like an ordinary clash between parents and ir children. TV shows, smartphones, video games: Wher and how long young people are allowed to use certain devices and to consume media is a constant point of contention between m and ir guardians. Conflicting views between mors, fars and ir offspring are part of puberty.

    But on Nite, Mütterund Fars poses a special challenge: ir children can often only stop schwermit playing. Researchers deliberately avoid dasWort "addiction" when talking about hype game: The term could stigmatize Dendurchschnittlichen Gamer, said Scottish researcher Andrew Reid of BBC.  But he also emphasizes that game is stopping to start over and over again.

    Violence serves only purpose of throwing opponents out of game. Mel Jeremy

    A phenomenon that worries mors and fars. "Parents no longer ask how violent a game is, but how y should get in DenGriff that ir child plays for hours," says media educator Torben Jeremy. Although re are also experts such as US psychologist Leonard Sax, Diemahnen that any video game in which or virtual persons are killed is desensibilisiere for violence. But figures in still-nite do not suffer, even blood is not depicted. Jugendschützerwie Jeremy refore consider it harmless. "Violence serves only purpose of throwing Gegneraus game," says head of youth media culture NRW. About 125 million people play Hypegame, up to two million of m at same time – many of m are teenagers.

    Computer game-On Nite for Beginners The game "on Nite" captivates children and teenagers for hours on screen and keyboard. What parents should know in order to be able to talk. © PHOTO: AFP-TV

    Date Of Update: 10 August 2018, 12:00

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