Computer games: children will not become Nazis when they see a Swastika

SS Runes or the Hitler greeting in games – soon they are no longer automatically banned. Is that a concern? A conversation with the media scientist Lisa Gotti

Computer games:   children will not become Nazis when they see a Swastika
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    Swastikas, SS runes or Hitler's greetings were banned in computer games so far: A game that showed VerfassungsfeindlicheSymbole could not get an age rating from Entertainment Software (USK). In past week, Verbund DieseRegelung has now been repealed. His decision is based on fact that in video games even time events can be critically reworked. Online time has spoken with MedienwissenschaftlerinLisa Gotti, professor at Cologne Game Lab of Technical University of Cologne, about possible consequences.

    Online Time: FrauGotto, for years, has been discussing games scene about verfassungsfeindlicheSymbole in computer games. Why has Usk not yet judged such games?

    Lisa Gotti: Computer games are still relatively new media. And whenever neueDarstellungsformen arise, a debate inflames about how EineGesellschaft should deal with m. In case of computer games, re is example concern that y influence us differently than books or films.

    Lisa Gotti is a professor of media and game studies at th Cologne. © th Cologne

    Online Time: Wiedenn?

    Gotti: A filmist is linear, it is same for every spectator, we perceive it passively. One-computer game, on or hand, is a bit different for everyone, it is interactive: The players are involved in action, y can taxation and it. Some experts say that anti-constitutional symbols are dangerous in such an environment.

    Online Time: Why?

    Gotti: Werständig is surrounded by SS runes and swastikas, it might not be a problem at some point. Getting used to it is a major argument why anti-constitutional symbols are banned at all – because y could be ZurNormalität.

    Online Time: 's The not a legitimate concern? Especially children and teenagers are partly yet able to reflect on what y see.

    Gotti: DASSTIMMT. But discussion of wher or not to show such symbols can be used in or media. The film orist Siegfried Kracauer Wart example of view that films could hypnotize and Unbewusstbeeinflussen spectators. When a new medium genutztwird from a broad mass, re is an uncertainty in society as to how to deal with it. Children are being instrumentalised in debate: content is always dangerous for m. It used to be said that television is Siedumm. Now, computer games are supposedly making criminals out of m.

    Online Time: Undwas is with getting used effect you mentioned?

    Gotti: Children do not automatically become Nazis when y see an anti-constitutional symbol. It depends on context in which a swastika or an SS-Runeauftaucht. The Usk will continue to daraufhinprüfen every computer game individually, wher it is suitable for children and teenagers. Even in or media, Nazi symbols are not portrayed as inflationary, just because you can show Sieoretisch.

    Date Of Update: 16 August 2018, 12:00

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