Congested messages: Immigration of foreign carers is delayed

German embassies lack the staff. Foreign caregivers therefore have to wait for months for a visa – and German patients for their surgeries.

Congested messages: Immigration of foreign carers is delayed

Because German embassies are overloaded abroad, according to a report, urgently needed nursing staff cannot enter. In a letter to Bundestag parliamentarians, picture on Sunday, DerGeschäftsführer writes to Asklepios clinics, Kai Hankeln: "It is not disclosed to any patient that his surgery or treatment werdenmuss postponed because re is not enough staff in German Botschaftenvorhanden is to process visas of necessary Pflegepersonalszeitgerecht. "

Seitzwei years, clinic-Group of intensive and surgical nurses trains to Philippines for DieArbeit in Germany. After passing language examination, medical professionals have to wait Monatelang for ir entry permit. "Unfortunately, Diepersonelle capacity of German Embassy in Manila is not sufficient to deal with many visa applications in a timely manner," writes Asklepios chief in his letter. "It is precisely processing time of three to five months heraufgesetztworden." Attempts to find a solution with Foreign Office have failed.

The opposition criticizes lengthy proceedings in embassies. The FDP-HaushaltspolitikerMichael Link said to Bildam Sunday: "In Manila visa office is working in chord and has been waiting for several Monatenauf already promised personnel reinforcement. But AUSWÄRTIGEAMT does not deliver. " The FDP refore requested a plan of action against overloading do we bodies in last of week Committee on Budgets, Derjedoch rejected by union and SPD. DasAuswärtige office did not want to comment on criticism.

Date Of Update: 08 July 2018, 12:02

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