Conspiracy theorist: Twitter locks Alex Jones

The short message is blocking the extreme right moderator. He had claimed, among other things, that the US government is behind the attacks of September 11.

Conspiracy theorist: Twitter locks Alex Jones

The Twitter short message has permanently blocked account of US conspiracy orist Alex Jones. The same applies to Twitter appearance of Jones ' controversial website Infowars, which company shared. Twitter justified step with repeated violations of guidelines of short message service. Jones had about 890,000 followers on Twitter.

In past, Texas journalist had, among or things, spread fact that US government was involved in attacks on September 11, 2001 in New York. He also claimed that rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School had been staged by actors or that climate change was a myth.

In mid-August, Internet company had already temporarily blocked Jones's account for a week after right-wing populist journalist had linked a video and called on supporters to keep ir "combat rifles" available, among or things, against media.

Most recently, all important online platforms had taken Jones ' controversial messages in whole or in part from ir offer. After Apple and Spotify had deleted ir Infowars podcasts, Facebook also removed four of its pages.

Facebook, among or things, called glorification of violence as a reason. Even Alex Jones channel on YouTube with more than 2.4 million subscribers is no longer available. Just Twitter, Jones had continued to offer a platform and was refore increasingly under pressure.

This week, a word battle between Jones and US Senator Marco Rubio was frequently shared in social networks.

Alex Jones confronts Rubio and touches his shoulder, sparking heated face-off Https://

— The Hill (@hill) September 5, 2018

Date Of Update: 08 September 2018, 12:00

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