Copyright reform: EU Legal Committee votes for upload

Large Internet platforms will be able to review and, if necessary, block content when uploading. In addition, copyright law is to be reformed.

Copyright reform: EU Legal Committee votes for upload

The Committee on Legal Affairs in European Parliament has expressed its views on Europe's copyright for introduction of controversial uploader on large online platforms and so-called performance Protection Law for press publishers. Both articles received a narrow majority in a secret ballot. It is likely that in July, plenary will decide wher or not Parliament should enter into negotiations with EU states. In most cases, Parliament follows recommendations of committees. Critics see a danger of free internet in possible rerules.

In recent years, especially publishers ' associations have been strong in performance protection law. Accordingly, portals such as Google News should no longer be allowed to display headlines or short sections of press texts in ir results without permission.

The draft furr stipulates that pages like YouTube have to check wher copyrights are violated during upload. YouTube would n have to buy a license for such content – or block content. Critics see se so-called uploads as compromising freedom of expression and information. They fear that satire, parody or citations of algorithms could not be recognized – and would be wrongly blocked.

Proponents of law have strengned position of rightsholders over platforms such as Google, YouTube, and Facebook.

As far as performance protection law is concerned, a similar regulation is already in force in Germany. In year 2013, copyright law was extended by performance law for Press Publishers (LSR) – with clear aim of protecting German publishing houses. A similar law has also been introduced in Spain. In both countries, however, performance protection law is considered to have failed: Online services pay far less than LSR proponents hoped for. Many publications also allow free use of services. Not least for fear of not losing visitors to ir sites.

Date Of Update: 21 June 2018, 12:02

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