Crop failures: Farmers report less harvest due to heat

The drought in Germany is the result of cereals. For farmers, crop failures are partly threatening to exist. The federal government and the Länder now want to talk about aid.

Crop failures: Farmers report less harvest due to heat

The hot wear may delight summer lovers. Farmers, however, are very concerned about it. The crop failures in parts of Germany would have a "threatening existence", said Joachim Rukwied, president of Bauer Association. Affected by lesser crops are not only farmers who grow cereals, but also those who hold animals – because food is scarce.

The Ministry of Agriculture intends to meet with representatives of federal government and Länder at end of month in order to "determine first proportions". However, financial aid was only decided after official harvest report in August, a spokeswoman said.

Almost a fifth less harvest

Because of hot wear, this year's harvest has started in many places earlier than usual. The Harvest of winter rye is in full swing, even winter wheat and winter rape would already threshed, it was said by Farmers ' Association. The results show that plants were suffering from drought even at most fertile sites. As second and third crop of grass was in part on meadows, animal feed would also be scarce. Maize also suffers from water deficiency. They also put pressure on businesses to buy food.

The first harvest report is based on surveys of quantities actually harvested. On basis of federal average, Farmers ' Association assumes a yield of six tonnes per hectare – 18 percent less than in previous year. Regional re are big differences: "We have regions where farmers only enter 30 percent of a normal quantity, and re it is threatening existence, especially in norast of Republic." In some regions, for example in sourn Germany, re have been too many rainfalls.

Environment Ministry: Farmers should adapt to climate change

According to Rukwied, losses do not necessarily affect prices of bread. "The proportion of cereals in bread is so minimal that, from today's point of view, bread does not have to be expensive because of poor harvest," he said. Grain prices were higher than in previous year, but 25 percent below level of 2010. The fruit looks good. "If re is still rain, we can expect a good harvest."

A spokesman for federal environment Ministry pointed out that such droughts should also be expected for future. That was already 2016 a message to peasants. For ten years, federal government has had a climate change adaptation strategy. The Confederation offered cooperation in BesserenKühlsystemen, cultivation methods and conversion to varieties that would be able to cope with climate change in future, said DerSprecher. But agriculture itself is also called upon to adjust to such wear periods.

Date Of Update: 19 July 2018, 12:02

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