Crossover with a facelift: Kia XCeed 1.5 T-GDI - sporty and a bit fearful

The XCeed is the most popular variant of the Kia compact class.

Crossover with a facelift: Kia XCeed 1.5 T-GDI - sporty and a bit fearful

The XCeed is the most popular variant of the Kia compact class. Now the crossover has been refreshed. The Kia XCeed 1.5 T-GDI GT-Line can now do a lot more and one thing is still far too good: an electronic helper is overprotective and grabs the steering wheel in a patronizing manner, even though there is no danger at all.

The vehicles of the Kia compact class are called Ceed. The manufacturer affords four variants. In addition to the classic hatchback, it also offers a station wagon variant (SW), a station wagon coupe (ProCeed) and - as the youngest member since 2019 - the XCeed. It quickly became the most popular model in the Ceed family; 40 percent of Ceed buyers opt for the crossover.

Kia has now given it a facelift. The focus was on visual changes and the assistance systems. The range of engines, on the other hand, has remained unchanged. It consists of a one-liter three-cylinder with 120 hp (from 24,000 euros), a 1.5-liter four-cylinder with 160 hp (from 28,700 euros), a 1.6 with 204 hp (from 34,000 euros) and a 1.6 -liter diesel with 136 hp (from 33,000 euros) together. The plug-in hybrid with a system output of 141 hp (from 37,000 euros), which has so far been the most appreciated by buyers thanks to state subsidies, remains on offer.

But the 1.5 with 160 hp will probably take over the role of favorite among the engines. Kia expects almost 50 percent of buyers to choose it. Like the 204 hp variant, it is also available with the newly added GT line. This suits the XCeed well. The radiator grille is emphasized in dark chrome applications, the rear is highlighted by honeycomb LED taillights and a diffuser in body color. There are also black 18-inch rims and black exterior mirror caps.

The interior is characterized by a flattened sports steering wheel, seat covers with a special GT line design, a leather-covered gear lever and a black roof lining. The driver looks at a digital cockpit. You quickly find your way around the switches and buttons, with the facelift everything seems a bit tidier and more well thought out. When maneuvering, the parking beeper and the reversing camera, which provides sharp images, help to avoid expensive damage to the bodywork. The all-round view of the crossover is rather moderate.

The 1.5-liter four-cylinder turbo mobilizes 253 Nm in the speed range between 1500 and 3500 rpm. Power was transmitted via the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission (standard on GT-Line). The DSG does its job well and quickly. In the first test drives, the engine also impressed with its even power delivery, which contributed to a confident driving impression both in city traffic and on the motorway. The sprint from 0 to 100 km/h takes 9.2 seconds and the top speed is 208 km/h. The chassis of the XCeed, which weighs at least 1.5 tons, is more comfortable than pseudo-sporty and hard, even in the sporty GT configuration.

Kia also targeted the assistants with the facelift. There is now a highway assistant and a navigation-based adaptive cruise control system. The drowsiness warning now also recognizes distractions in stationary traffic. For example, if the vehicle in front starts to move and the driver does not react, he receives a warning.

Unfortunately, Kia has not tamed the active lane departure warning system. He beeps like mad and intervenes patronizingly with steering wheel interventions, although far and wide there is no danger of vehicles approaching from the side. The electronic helper is simply overly anxious. The only thing that helps against his nervousness is to switch off. Luckily, Kia allows that. It's also a shame that there's no head-up display.

The facelift has not changed the dimensions. The XCeed stretches to a length of 4.40 meters, the trunk volume varies between 426 and 1378 liters. If you don't opt ​​for the GT-Line, you can recognize the refreshed models by a newly designed radiator grille. The bumpers and the lighting graphics are also new. The rear has received a diffuser with a black underride protection design and indicated exhaust tips. The guarantee has remained: it is still 7 years.

Technical specifications

Five-door, five-seater compact crossover, length: 4.40 meters, width: 1.83 meters (with exterior mirrors: 2.06 meters), height: 1.48 meters, wheelbase: 2.65 meters, trunk volume: 426-1378 liters

1.5 liter four-cylinder turbo petrol engine, 160 hp, maximum torque: 253 Nm at 1500-3500 rpm, front-wheel drive, seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, 0-100 km/h: 9.2 s, Vmax: 208 km /h, consumption (WLTP): 6.2- 64 l/100 km, CO2 emissions: 132-144 g/km, emission standard: Euro 6d, efficiency class: B

Price: from 28,690 euros (Vision, manual six-speed gearbox) Price for GT-Line from 35,190 euros

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