The Spanish Committee for Reprographic Rights (Cedro) launched this Tuesday the digital campaign ’12 Reasons to respect intellectual property,

As reported by Cedro, each month one of the reasons why it is necessary to respect copyright when consuming original literary, artistic or scientific creations through books, newspapers, magazines and sheet music will be presented. The first of the published reasons refers to intellectual property as the basis for the sustainability of culture.

In this sense, the general director of Cedro, Jorge Corrales, argued that his objective is “to bring intellectual property closer to the population”, since “despite the fact that the legislation is very clear in this regard and the right to intellectual property is regulated, practices that are harmful to authors still persist in our society, but that also harm the rest of society by putting them at certain risks when accessing the works”.

For this reason, the entity “seeks the complicity of society as a whole with culture and its creators”, with the hope that “if we explain in simple and close language that the sustainability of our culture, our creators and our publishers depends on the responsible consumption of the works, it is likely that the number of users who recognize the original works will be increasing, that is, there will be fewer who violate copyright”.

Lastly, he stressed the importance of transmitting the message that “copyright allows creators and publishers to be fairly remunerated so that they can continue to generate new culture and knowledge”, since “without copyright, culture would end up becoming extinct “.

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