Cultural policy: art must not serve

Does the AfD want to ideologise the culture? Politicians and artists like Hape Kerkeling and Sasha Waltz, who are now initiating a petition for freedom of art, fear this.

Cultural policy:   art must not serve

What would school lessons be like if AfD could influence curriculum? Which artists could still bring to stage in Museenausstellen and plays?

The answer is complicated, on one hand. Schließlichzählt freedom of art is one of most protected fundamental rights in Germany, and award of cultural subsidies is also linked to a komplexesSystem of committees, councils and institutions. As one of teachings of from National Socialism, which created with its Imperial Chamber of Culture from Kunstbetriebeine ideological front organization, thus a direct influence of länderareworkingontaking state governments on cultural landscape should be prevented.

On or hand, AfD regularly makes clear in speeches, party programs and decisions that it wants to change exactly that. So Willdie party Entsiffung "cultural operations" and "LinksliberalenVielfaltsideologien" cancel public funding. She also wants to break up "AktuelleVerengung of German remembrance culture at time of National Socialism". The aim is to support art and culture only when consult "people and nation".

Poland and Hungary as examples

The Bundestag MEP Erhard Grundl, cultural policy spokesman for Green Bundestag group, feels reminded of dieKulturpolitik of a dictatorship in face of se demands. Toger with his colleague Claudia Roth, he publishes "Brussels Declaration" on campaign platform, which was previously exclusively available online. More than 100 first signatories and signatories from DemKulturbetrieb have put ir name under petition so far. Darunterbefinden is home to musicians, artists and writers such as Vladimir Manteler, Inga Humpe, Dirk von Lowtzow, Igor Levit, Sasha Waltz, Clemens Schick, Hape Kerkeling, Shermin Langhoff and Ingo Schulze. Olaf Zimmermann is also represented, Geschäftsführerdes German Cultural Council, umbrella organisation of 250 federal cultural associations.

The example of Poland, Hungary and Austria Führtdie petition on how rights governments in or European countries dasumsetzen exactly what AfD for Germany envisages: transformation of cultural scene fürnationalkonservative goals.

For example, Polish Regierungentsprechende cultural institutions occupy exclusively with PiS-loyal officials. Alsim Polish Television The Oscarprämierte film Ida was shown, DerAntisemitismus in post-war Poland, a zwölfminütigerKommentar had to be upstream, which accused film of drawing a negative image vonPolen. The Oscar won film, according to commentary, also lediglichwegen his projewish stance.

In Hungary, government of Viktor Orbán prevents membership of Art Academy for cultural professionals who have Sichnicht as lines. At same time, VölkischeSchriftsteller like József Nyirö are becoming compulsory reading in schools, which was classified as war criminals after 1945von Allies.

Against se tendencies to subject cultural enterprise to a nationalist agenda, petition formulates: "Art is free, it does not have to please and it Darfnicht serve. Only in this way can it develop its innovative strength and open up new perspectives to us yet again. We fight for freedom of art. "

Date Of Update: 14 July 2018, 12:02

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